7 Ways Synthetic Grass Outperforms the Real Thing

December 3, 2019

A great lawn always looks beautiful and adds a natural feel to any space. Yet, cultivating a lawn can be an arduous job with no guarantees that the lawn will look like you want it to. Not only that, a patchy lawn actually looks worse than no lawn at all. So, what are you to do? Install synthetic grass. This popular substitute has developed and improved so much over the last few years that you can sometimes hardly even tell the difference between the artificial version and the real thing.

Not only does synthetic grass look as good as – and in many cases even better than – a real lawn, it also beats having an actual lawn in many other ways. Here are 7 reasons why synthetic grass is a good investment:

1.Save Water
One of the biggest advantages of synthetic grass is that you do not have to water it. It is calculated that lawn watering accounts for up to a third of residential water use in some areas. With South Africa experiencing more droughts and water restrictions than before, not having to water your lawn is a huge benefit.

2.Always Green
Whether it is because of the abovementioned drought or the extremely cold and dry conditions in most parts of the country during winter, the truth is that real lawns are more often brown than green. You won’t have this problem with high-quality synthetic grass.

3.No More Colour Patches
One of the problems with real lawn is that it can be patchy, where some areas are greener than others or there is even no grass at all. There is that spot in front of the door that never grows because of all the foot traffic, or that area under the tree that refuses to grow because of all the shade. In areas such as these, an artificial lawn won’t let you down. It’s even and it’s green – everywhere.

4.Goodbye Mowing
It goes without saying that unlike real grass, you do not have to mow synthetic grass. With one less chore to do, your time is now yours to do with as you please.

5.No Need to Fertilise, Treat or Weed
Another plus is that you also don’t have to fertilise your artificial lawn, treat it with expensive products, or spend hours weeding it. As such, you save even more time and money.

6.No More Holes
If you have kids or a dog, you will probably know the horror of finding newly dug holes in your beautifully manicured lawn. Time to invest in synthetic grass and say goodbye to unplanned excavations.

7.Less Dirt in Your Home or Workspace
With synthetic grass, you eliminate the chance of dirt, like mud, sand and pieces of grass being brought into your home or workspace every time somebody enters from outside. This is very handy, especially for families and high traffic areas.

To find out more about synthetic grass and to get a quote, contact your nearest Top Carpets and Floors branch. Our professionals will provide you with all the information and will answer any queries you may have.

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