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8 of the Best Wooden Window Blinds for Your Home

Just as walls and floors do, windows take up a lot of space within the home. Furnish them well and they can become statement works of art that tie the entire room together. Neglect them, and it is the first thing guests will notice when entering a room. Curtains have been used for hundreds of years – whether as simple textiles decorated and hung from windows or as elaborate jacquard drapes with tasselled tiebacks that graced the castles of royalty. Curtains are certainly the traditional way to go – but if you are seeking something fresh, stylish and seamless, then an ideal option is wooden blinds.

Wooden Window Blinds

Designer Blinds, a division of the Top Carpets and Floors Group, was established to meet the needs of a South African market searching for quality window coverings. We don’t just focus on the practical needs of our discerning customers, but we also take into consideration both local and international trends, and what works best in the South African climate. Wooden blinds are a popular solution for anyone who wishes to modernise a room and enjoy several functional benefits too.

Why Blinds and Shutters are The Way to Go

Nobody can deny the impact that stylish window blinds have on a room. Fans of décor trends already know that window shades and blinds work well with just about any interior style and fit seamlessly into any room – from home offices to bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. It is a solution that creates a fabulous fusion of design and practical advantages. Some of these benefits include:

· They are a sensational option for very small or awkwardly shaped windows and do a great job of taking up wall space in a stylish way.

· If you are looking to add a bold colour or design to your walls, but don’t want to go overboard with paint or wallpaper, the right window dressings will work.

· Blinds do a stellar job of filtering light or blocking it completely from the outside. This light control saves on electricity and avoids the damage that direct sunlight causes to floors and furnishings.

· Blocking out or letting the sun in is optional with your installation, which can either insulate your home or cool it down, depending on the season. It’s a superb way to save on energy usage associated with the HVAC systems on your property. Block-out material can keep a room dark even during the daytime – ideal for anyone sensitive to bright light or those who work night shifts and sleep during the day.

· Do you enjoy complete privacy? Blinds have overlapping slats that completely shut out the outside world, and neighbours and passers-by on the street won’t be able to see into your home.

Wooden Window Blinds

Wood: A Natural Element that Elevates Any Home

High-quality window coverings are great additions to all rooms, but wooden blinds are exceptional. The material is popular in contemporary interior design because it brings a certain familiar charm into the home. It’s a material often associated with rustic warmth, aged character and lasting beauty. Just like wine, wooden furnishings only seem to improve with age, and they are often durable enough to last years. Wooden window blinds introduce this same, natural allure to a home, with a seamless design that relaxes the eye and adds a sense of tranquillity and calm to the atmosphere.

Our Range of Stunning Wooden Venetian Window Blinds

We are home to a collection of wooden Venetian blinds that offer an extra touch of luxury and elegance – a kind of sophistication only authentic wood can create. With timeless appeal and various textures from which to choose, you can be sure that this is one product that won’t let you down. We have several swatches from which to choose, such as the following eight favourites for any home:

1. Wood Bold Stone: This is a smooth, deep greige shade perfect for soft, neutral décor that falls either to the cooler or warmer spectrum.

2. Wood Cherry: Russet-coloured and vibrant, the cherry shade is a bold choice for a sophisticated room.

3. Wood Dark Mahogany: If you enjoy rich, deep hues our Dark Mahogany swatch is the perfect warm brown.

4. Wood Lime Wash: Looking for a colder shade that still maintains rustic comfort? The Lime Wash swatch is a softer grey with a light and airy feel.

5. Wood Walnut: Walnut is an opulent wood used in luxury homes and office spaces, which makes this swatch one of our popular options.

6. Wood White Wash: White-washed wood is perfect for various interior design styles such as country farmhouse chic, vintage cottagecore, and even the Scandinavian trend, making this swatch versatile and refreshing.

7. Wood Natural: Do you enjoy the simplicity of wood in its natural state? This swatch is soft, seamless and pleasing to the eye.

8. Wood White: If you prefer to make each window appear larger and create a more spacious feel in your home, white wooden blinds are the best way to do it. Our white swatch offers clean lines and minimalistic beauty.

Work with Us in Restyling Your Home’s Windows

We at Designer Blinds are specialists in window shades, shutters and everything from wooden Venetian blinds to automated and motorised solutions. If you would like to learn more about our custom offerings and services, speak to us today.

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