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How To Match Window Blinds To Different Rooms

Knowing which style of window blinds to choose is not always intuitive, but we can help you match the right product to the various rooms within your home.

Window coverings go in and out of style – there are only so many ways to reinvent the look of drapes.

Blinds, on the other hand, remain an ever-popular option because of their already-ideal aesthetic and practical benefits. They are stylish, seamless, and block out light with much more efficiency than curtains. If you want to give your home a hassle-free facelift, window blinds will get the job done well.

Using Window Blinds to Create a New Look in Your Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of the home.

It’s where our day begins with breakfast (or a rushed coffee to go), where we create delicious dishes, bake birthday cakes, or sneak an extra bite of pudding.

A beautiful kitchen is a major draw for property buyers, and it is usually the first space that gets renovated to add value to a home.

Blinds, though often regarded as rather sleek and professional, can be used in a kitchen to add character, warmth and a welcoming atmosphere.

This is a high-humidity environment, however, so the right window blinds should be used here. Plaswood Venetian blinds, as well as vinyl or composite shutters, are a great option for kitchens, laundry rooms, and sculleries.

Kitchen Blinds

Turning Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

The bedrooms within your home, particularly the master bedroom, are rooms in which to kick back and relax. This space should be peaceful and quiet and allow for privacy.

You also want to create the feeling of opulence in a master bedroom, so luxurious options such as roman blinds, which beautifully pleat when raised, look fantastic. Block-out material is important too, as it keeps light out completely, which is especially ideal for sleeping in on a weekend.

Bedroom Blinds

High-style Living Rooms and Lounges

Living rooms and lounge areas are not only where families spend time together, but where guests are entertained when they visit. As such, giving this space an inviting, welcoming atmosphere is important.

Look for blinds made from natural materials and warm, soft hues that keep the ambience cosy and convivial.

  • Wooden Venetian blinds are a lovely addition to living rooms and lounges, especially if you are seeking something with a little character.
  • Motorised blinds are also sure to impress with their efficiency and light control at the touch of a button.
Living Room or Lounge Blinds

A Welcoming, Lavish Dining Room

Who doesn’t enjoy sharing a meal or even a fun evening of hosting guests for a gathering or dinner party?

If you feel your dining room could do with an overhaul, swapping out your curtains for stunning window blinds is a great idea.

  • Options such as vertical blinds allow the walls to look taller and give the room a more spacious feel, which is marvellous if your dining room is on the smaller side.
  • Roller blinds that are easy to operate and keep clean are also a brilliant way to add a beautiful texture or pattern to your walls in a way that grounds the room and ties it all together.
Dining Room Blinds

Visualising Your Dream Bathroom

Whether you enjoy a brisk, energising shower or a long soak in a bubble bath, your bathroom should be a tranquil space in which to unwind and enjoy some pampering.

By updating your bathroom with greenery and fluffy towels, and even replacing those old faucets, you can create an at-home spa that will help you relax after a long day.

You can also add new blinds to give the space clean lines and create a minimalistic, uncluttered feel. Bathrooms are high-moisture environments, so water-resistant and waterproof PVC blinds are best.

Bathroom Blinds

A Home Office or Studio that Boosts Productivity

While working from home, maintaining your motivation and productivity is essential. Creating a professional at-home office space can help cultivate a more organised mindset – and it will impress during those video conferencing meetings too.

Sleek, seamless blinds such as vertical blinds or more affordable aluminium Venetian blinds are sure to do the trick.

Home Office Blinds

Home Theatres and Entertainment Rooms

If you have a home theatre, entertainment room, or gaming room, light control is essential.

Nothing is more immersive than shutting the outside world out and finally enjoying that pilot episode or gaming session with friends. Blinds with block-out material will accomplish this.

Our roller blinds offer exceptional light control with light filtering and block-out features.

Entertainment Room Blinds

Kids’ Bedrooms and Playrooms

When it comes to kids’ rooms, you need window coverings that are durable, easy to clean and get the job done.

While there are a variety of options from which to choose, motorised blinds are always the best option as they do not feature any cords which may be a safety hazard for small children.

If you are seeking a thermally efficient design that will keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer, honeycomb blinds are ideal.

Kids Bedroom Blinds

Sunrooms, Solariums, and Conservatories

If you have a sunroom or conservatory, then you want to let in as much light as possible. Curtains and some blinds, however, may fade in sun-facing rooms.

Our Plaswood Venetian blinds, which are created with the South African climate in mind, are excellent at withstanding harsh temperatures and won’t fade or become brittle in the sun.

Window Blinds

No matter your needs, we have the right type of window blinds for you. To learn more about our offerings here at Designer Blinds, get in touch with us today.

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