Flooring Installations That Support Healthier Living

When someone mentions the phrase “healthier living”, many things come to mind… a regular exercise regime, a balanced diet, less time spent in front of a screen… but not often does one think of flooring installations within this context. Yet, this is a consideration that should definitely be much more top-of-mind for many households.

With more than thirty years’ experience as the leading flooring solution provider in South Africa, Top Carpets and Floors certainly knows a thing or two about installing floors. While our expert teams have always delivered top-quality workmanship, we still strive to always expand and improve our service. This has led us to introduce our Healthier Living Installations service. Because, ultimately, while we care very much about delivering quality products, we care even more about the wellbeing of our customers and their families.

What are the Benefits of Healthier Living Installations?

The three top benefits of this service:

  1. A cleaner environment: Our thorough methods fight the presence of mould, dust, and other allergens, leading to cleaner air throughout your living space, and keeping your family safe from potential harm and health complications.
  1. No more allergens: By deep cleaning and sanitising the installation area, allergens, mould, mildew and bacteria are diminished, ultimately leading to members of your family needing fewer days off sick, missing fewer days of school, and overall money saved on health costs.
  1. Protect your floor: The special underlay that is installed as part of the process helps to protect your floor from walking impact, while the sanitation process and the mould fighting agents in the underlay helps to prevent the build-up of bad smells.

How Does Healthier Living Installations Work?

Step 1: First, our team carefully removes the old flooring in the room or building to prevent the microbes and allergens present from becoming airborne. This is to keep the environment from becoming more contaminated than necessary and to prevent the allergens from spreading through the house.

Step 2: Once the old flooring is removed, we debug the bare floor using a HEPA System vacuum. This high filtration vacuum cleaner is effective at removing the dust and allergens left behind. We also take precaution not to spread the allergens to other rooms via tracking.

Step 3: The floor surface is sprayed with BioGuard Pro for long-term protection. This antimicrobial pre-installation treatment disinfects, protects, and diminishes allergens, mould, mildew, and bacteria in the installation area. It also limits surface micro-organisms from becoming airborne during the installation process.

Step 4: After preparation and cleaning are done, it’s time to start the installation. Instead of using a regular underfelt, our Healthier Living Installations use Spillguard waterproof underlays as a protective barrier against topical stains. This hypo-allergenic, 100% recyclable underlay inhibits the growth of mould, mildew, and odour-causing bacteria. It is also moisture-resistant to prevent spills from seeping through.

Step 5: Now the surface is ready for the installation of your new floor – complete with long-lasting protection against microbes and allergens.

You can also rest assured that all Wear and Texture Retention warranties as provided by the manufacturer will be honoured when choosing the Healthier Living Installations option from Top Carpet and Floors.

Where Can You Find This Healthier Living Installations Service?

Healthier Living Installations are exclusively available from Top Carpets and Floors stores. With more than 130 stores nationwide, you can take advantage of this service wherever you are in South Africa. So, before you jump into action with your home renovation, visit Top Carpets and Floors, view our excellent range of quality flooring solutions, and let our team install it for you the right and healthy way.

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