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Flooring Innovations and Advancements

The Outstanding Flooring Innovations and Advancements We’re Excited About

The right floors are a game changer. We will partner with you in finding flooring innovations available on the market that best embrace your needs and taste. Our surroundings make a major difference to our mood, and because most people spend a significant portion of their lives indoors, improving these surroundings is important. Floors that are unsightly, hard to care for and prone to damage are not just an eyesore – they can throw an entire room’s appeal off and affect how comfortable and at home we feel. Thankfully, our current technologies are moving forward in a way that allows us more choices to opt for high-quality options that look fantastic and are durable enough to last years.

6 Key Areas of Flooring Innovations Across the Industry

People will be honest about the fact that if their floors are not bothering them, they tend to not give them any thought. Most homeowners, however, will point out the flaws in their current flooring quite easily. Whether it’s unsightly chips and cracks in some tiles, a carpet stain they want to hide, or hardwood floorboards that warped because they got wet, nobody’s floors are perfect. Reputable manufacturers across the globe are, fortunately, pushing the envelope when it comes to flooring innovations that address these issues. Some of the most common advancements lie within:

  1. Designs that mimic natural materials: Natural materials like wood and stone have been used for floors since the concept first came about, and they remain a beautiful and sought-after option. These materials offer a traditional and timeless feel while still accommodating new décor and interior design trends. They also bring the outdoors into the home, such as warm, wood grains and textures. Flooring designs that accurately mimic these materials affordably are a strong trend right now.
  2. Performance: The case can be made that our floors undergo more abuse than any other furnishing or design feature in the home. There will always be spaces within a residence that receive higher foot traffic, more spills and messes and the risk for impacts and abrasions. Finding the right floors that perform well for years to come, despite these daily threats, is essential. Flooring manufacturers are working on products that are tougher, more durable and accommodate various stressors well.
  3. Waterproof and water-resistant solutions: Water and floors rarely mix. In fact, a popular reason that people replace their floors too soon is due to moisture damage and the growth of mould. Newer products on the market contain higher levels of water resistance thanks to moisture-repellent designs and backing that prevents any moisture from seeping through to the subfloor.
  4. Ease of installation: As the demand for DIY options grows, manufacturers are making it easier to install designs like floating floors. Magnetic flooring is one product that is slowly creeping onto the market, and time will tell whether there is a strong demand for this type of installation.
  5. Easy maintenance: Floors are considered low maintenance when they don’t naturally trap dirt and debris, and when they don’t require too much elbow grease or too many special products to keep clean. Current innovations make maintenance and cleaning easier than ever.
  6. Greener, more sustainable designs: The global market is moving towards more eco-friendly solutions, and flooring manufacturers are following suit with collections that put the planet first. Many options are recyclable, use fewer natural resources and do not give off toxic fumes.

vinyl flooring

Changes to the Vinyl Flooring Market

Vinyl flooring has a few options in high demand right now, such as luxury vinyl tiles and planks and vinyl sheeting. Within this market, we are seeing flooring innovations such as next-generation, stone plastic composite (SPC) floors, better overlays, and impregnated PU layers. All in all, vinyl looks and performs better than ever before. Keep your eyes peeled for more neutral earth tones and natural shades as these will be trending in the coming years.

Wood Laminates Remain Ever Popular

Because laminates do contain composite wood as part of each plank’s core, any moisture that reaches this core can damage the plank. People love laminates for how durable they are, however, and will seek out more moisture-resistant options that won’t succumb as easily to water damage. There is, therefore, more development in this area with newer collections resistant to liquid spills and moisture. We are also seeing more realistic wood grain patterns that don’t repeat on the planks, which makes laminates a beautiful and cost-friendly alternative to hardwood floors. V-groove designs are also dominating the market right now, and customers and manufacturers are leaning toward wider planks.

Carpeting Trends Continue to Change

While carpets remain a preferred and beloved option for many, there are some changes to what people want. In terms of shades, grey is the new beige, and people are still enjoying soft, neutral floors, but many now seek out pops of colour. People are also enjoying rug-sized wall-to-wall carpeting that is overlocked or webbed at the edges.

If you would like to learn about current and future flooring innovations on the horizon, we can tell you more. Get in touch with us today and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

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