Your Step-by-Step Guide to Using Our Brand-new Room Visualiser

December 7, 2022

Overhauling any space’s floors, no matter how small, can be a challenging endeavour without the right help. Going at it alone is a process of trial and error, and while it’s great to make mistakes and learn from them, nobody wants to waste money on costly errors. We at Top Carpets and Floors believe in making the right choices the first time – no regrets and no time or money wasted. We aim to empower our customers with the knowledge to make informed choices, and our innovative room visualiser tool is one of the ways we do it.

Top Carpets and Floors

Finding a Product that Suits You Best

Whether you own a home or business, floors are essential. For homeowners, floors set the tone for the entire household. They warm a space up or cool it down – aesthetically and in terms of temperature. They add to comfort and tranquillity. They also help homeowners create harmonious spaces that accentuate décor and make a home worth living in. Businesses that need to worry about first impressions and attracting the right clients will also need to ensure their floors look great and communicate an air of professionalism, warmth and approachability. Finding the right product for your application entails deciding where you want new floors, what kind of look you are going for and how much foot traffic the area endures daily. We at Top Carpets and Floors can assist you in making this all-important decision with our room visualiser.

Here's Why to Use the Top Carpets and Floors Room Visualiser

Our room visualiser tool is a way to explore the Top Carpets and Floors product range within your home – and it is all done virtually with AI. Using a pre-selected photo, you can superimpose a specific flooring design over the floors of your own home. There are several benefits to using the tool, such as:

· You can simplify the selection process by experimenting with various styles and settling on something you like – before you buy and install anything.

· You will have a better idea of how the final installation will look. Many people choose to take flooring samples home and compare them, but small boards or tiles will not offer an overview of how the design and shade will look in the room. One board may look great when held up in the room, but once installed, may overwhelm the rest of the décor and make it appear smaller. The Top Carpets and Floors room visualiser gives customers a better overview of what various products would look like when applied to the entire surface of the floor.

· Making other design plans is easier too. With a better idea of how your flooring installation will look, you can start with other planned renovations such as wall colour or redecorating.

Top Carpets and Floors

Step 1: Take a Picture of Your Floors

To upload a picture of the space for the room visualiser, it is essential to first take a suitable snapshot of the area. Ensure the area is well-lit with ample natural light, and not from other light sources that may tint the space with a yellow or blue hue. You may also wish to take several photos from different angles, aiming to include as much of the current wall space as possible because this will affect how the floors look. The more photographs you use, the better it will be when assessing how the floors look.

Step 2: Select the “See in My Room” Option

Many of the Top Carpets and Floors designs within our online catalogue feature the option to see the design in a specific space. Simply click on this option and you will be taken to the room visualiser page where you can upload your photo and test out what the design would look like within your home or property.

Step 3: Upload Your Room’s Picture or Select a Demo Image

Once you have selected “Upload”, you can browse through the pictures on your device or select one of our demo rooms for added inspiration. The demo rooms are especially helpful if you plan on renovating and restyling your entire space and want to play around with some ideas.

Step 4: Try Out Different Flooring Designs

Once your image is selected, you can try out various designs – from artificial grass to wood laminates, luxury vinyl tiles, carpeting and more. The Top Carpets and Floors room visualiser tool also allows users to easily filter between product categories, design types, colours, brands and even products best suited to various spaces within a home and office.

Discover and Explore Your Style with Top Carpets and Floors

Still not sure what style speaks to you most? With Top Carpets and Floors, you can discover your individual style through a quick quiz, or, if you already know what you like, you can choose products from a selection of styles that you find most exciting.

The Top Carpets and Floors room visualiser will enable you to make better, more efficient styling choices and give you access to a wide range of products that customers often miss in stores. If you would like to learn more about our tool or start shopping with us today, contact us for more information.


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