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7 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Preferred Flooring Company

Given the long-term benefit of having your home’s floor surfaces installed correctly to a world-class standard, it makes sense to pay attention to who you choose as your flooring company in South Africa.

At the end of the day, a compromise on the quality of materials and workmanship for the sake of saving a few rands in the initial layout stage can mean the difference in selling your property at above market price or having to settle for a lower price than desired. Also, consider how the particular floor surface affects the aesthetics and functionality of the rooms where it is installed. There’s just no way around it. Short cuts may work for getting to destinations by road, but not when it comes to your choice of materials and flooring company. It is for this reason that thousands of people and businesses don’t settle for less than the best – they choose Top Carpets and Floors as their flooring and installation company. Here are just 7 reasons why.

1. Long History of Superior Quality

With a proven track record of product and service excellence, we have certainly built our brand based on quality over more than three decades. We first opened our doors for business in 1988 and have ever since served the South African residential and commercial flooring market with true dedication to quality, competitive pricing, and superior after-sales service.

2. Thousands of Clients Trust Us as their Flooring Company

From apartments to mansions, and from small home offices to entire corporate buildings, all feature among the thousands of places where our products have been installed throughout the country. This includes world-class hotels, exclusive lodges, and bespoke restaurants. Our brand is trusted because we offer an exquisite range, tailored to meet the needs of clients, and we set the benchmark for a quality installation.

3. Quality Doesn’t Equal Sky-High Prices

We have made the most of our position within the industry to develop long-standing relationships with the top floor surface manufacturers around the world. This has allowed us to negotiate the best possible prices on carpets, rugs, wood laminates, and more. Add to that our national footprint combined with having a dedicated team of professional installers, salespeople, and service consultants, and you know why it’s possible to get superior quality flooring at great prices with us as your preferred supplier.

4. Range Matters

We know it is important for clients to save time and effort in searching for the most suitable products. To this end, we have brought together a comprehensive range of products to meet the needs of our clients. How does it translate into a benefit for you? Comparison of the various products is made easier if you make use of a single, trusted flooring company.

5. Trusted Guidance

Since we supply a wide range of floor products from an equally impressive range of top and trusted brands, you know that you can trust our guidance. We don’t attempt to sell a product that cannot work with your particular needs or space.

6. Bankable Guarantees and Warranties

You want the assurance that the product specification is correct, and you certainly don’t want to become the hapless victim of poor installation practices. We are confident in the products and services we provide and back it up with excellent warranties and guarantees. We stand firmly in our belief: Right choice. No regrets.

7. Online Shopping Convenience

We make it as easy as possible for you to visualise how a product will look with our Room Visualiser. Besides the ease of finding and comparing products online, you also benefit from our promotions and tips. With more than 130 stores nationwide, a 24/7 online shopping facility, and superior product guarantees, you have every reason to choose us as your flooring company.

Put us to the test and discover why so many companies and individuals trust us as their preferred flooring company in South Africa.

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