The Top 3 Bedroom Flooring Choices

heinrichileadetal 9 September 2020

Our homes are our sanctuary. It’s where we spend our free time and where we relax – the place we feel safe and comfortable. So, it only stands to reason that this is also a space that we ideally want to reflect our personal taste. It should both be comfortable and convenient, as well as look great according to our preferences. That said, most of us are also tied down by a budget, so we have to work smart to make this happen in the best way possible. Luckily, when it comes to bedroom flooring, Top Carpets and Floors has you covered with a wide range of incredible and affordable products.

Flooring plays a huge role in any home – more than most people often realise. It is one of the features that has the largest impact on the visual aspect of a room, while also simultaneously playing a pivotal role in the comfort level experienced in a room. And, while there are many practical solutions for the rest of a home, the requirements for a bedroom are slightly different.

In most cases, our bedrooms aren’t quite the same space as the rest of our home. It’s a more intimate space, more personal. We also don’t use it in the same way. This is where we relax, sleep, feel safe and want to be as comfortable and ourselves as possible. In this space, we rely less on practical features and more on comfort and relaxation, and every aspect of the room should reflect this. This is also why we have to approach bedroom flooring differently compared to the rest of the house. Different features are important, including the foot-feel, warmth, and lushness of the flooring.

Each person’s ideal solution is different. To help you find the perfect bedroom flooring for you, here are three of the most popular options in South Africa to consider:

1. Carpets

After all these years, carpets are still a winning choice for bedroom flooring. Today’s modern fibres and technologically advanced construction methods mean that carpets are looking better and lasting longer than ever before. Carpet fibres trap small air pockets that retain heat longer for warmth underfoot, and they’re the best at absorbing sound and creating a relaxing environment in your home. Additionally, they’re affordable, available in an endless array of colours and designs, practical, hardwearing, and resilient.

2. Wood Laminates

Laminated floors are hygienic, versatile, durable, and environmentally friendly. What’s more, they allow you to enjoy the gorgeous, warm look and feel of genuine hardwood surfaces at a fraction of the cost and with minimal effort when it comes to installation and maintenance. A wide range of patterns and textures from various top brands means there’s a wide selection available to meet your interior design preferences, from country and classic styles, to ultra-modern and bold designs.

3. Luxury Vinyl Tiles ( LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring offers the same aesthetic appeal as wood, while also being extremely resistant to dents, moisture damage, heat and more. It’s perfect for those who want durable floors. While laminates provide a bit more warmth and comfort, LVTs provide better sound insulation. LVTs are waterproof. Ultimately, the choice between these two options will depend on which feature is more important for you in your bedroom.

Where to Find the Perfect Bedroom Flooring

While it might be challenging to choose your favourite option among all the incredible products available, it’s easy to find the perfect supplier. With more than 130 stores and showrooms nationwide, Top Carpets and Floors is the quintessential supplier of affordable, quality bedroom flooring. Use our nifty Room Visualiser feature to help you choose the design that will best suit your style, and feel free to ask our team any questions you may have. We’re here to make your renovations easy, fun and stress free.