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10 Flooring Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

If you are keen on the idea of wood-look floors but feel you’re out of inspiration, our flooring ideas will help you give your home a facelift in no time. Whether you already have hardwood floors and want to give them a new look, or if you are seeking budget-friendly alternatives because the cost of hardwood is too high, you have come to the right place.

Wood-look Flooring Ideas for Every Kind of Budget and Style

Wooden floors are a classic that complements any kind of aesthetic. Do you love a heritage-styled home with traditional furnishings? Or maybe you prefer that rustic, reclaimed wood look in your beach house. From country kitchen chic to vintage master bedrooms and everything in between, wood is a fabulous addition to every home. If your home already has hardwood floors, there is no need to fret – there is still a lot with which to work! If you are looking for clever alternatives to solid wood flooring, we can help you too.

  1. Wood Laminates – Same Look, Better Durability

Laminate flooring is used in a variety of commercial settings, from airports to hotels. This gives one a good indication of how tough they are. The main draw of laminates is how durable they are relative to their price – which beats hardwood. They can take a beating, withstanding scratches, scuffs and abrasions, and with their realistic visuals, they offer the same good looks as wood.

  1. Luxury Vinyl – Same Look, Better Water Resistance

Luxury vinyl tiles and planks imitate a variety of flooring materials such as wood, marble and slate. The planks and tiles are completely synthetic and made up of between six to eight layers that offer exceptional rigidity and stability. The design layer (printed to resemble wood or stone beautifully) is coated with a protective, clear film that offers long-lasting durability. The best part about LVTs is that they are highly water-resistant, with some manufacturers boasting completely waterproof designs. Historically, people usually keep hardwood out of kitchens, bathrooms and other humid spaces as it is susceptible to moisture damage. LVTs are the best solution if you are looking for flooring ideas for these areas in the home.

  1. Engineered Wood – Same Look, Much More Affordable

While laminates and luxury vinyl tiles are made with printed designs that emulate hardwood, engineered wood flooring planks are created with a top layer made from real wood, called a lamella. This makes engineered wood virtually indistinguishable from hardwood floors, with the benefit of being much more affordable.

  1. Soften the Look of Solid Wood Floors with Rugs

If you need some flooring ideas to change up the look of the solid hardwood planks within your home, you can create a completely new feel by adding rugs. Hardwood is, well, hard. Layering beautiful rugs over wooden floors will not only soften them visually but add some plush, underfoot comfort while walking. A bonus is that adding rugs will protect genuine hardwood from scratches and scuffs.

  1. Use Complementary Colours to Accentuate Your Floors

Wooden floors tend to fall on the warmer spectrum, with yellow, orange, red and brown undertones. With more options and products available on the market, however, we are seeing much cooler hues becoming popular, such as grey and even white. If you want to create balance and harmony within your home, you can use colour wheel principles to pick out complementary colours for your furnishings and décor. For instance, brassy floors with orange and yellow undertones are mellowed out and deepened with blue accents in the room.

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  1. Parquet Patterns Add Interest to Your Floors

One of the most creative wood flooring ideas is making use of parquet patterns. Whether you are installing hardwood or alternatives such as laminates and LVTs, you can have the planks cut and arranged in gorgeous geometric patterns. Popular parquet patterns are herringbone and chevron designs, which turn your floors into a work of art.

  1. Play with Colour on Your Hardwood Floors

If you already have hardwood floors, you are not resigned to one shade of floors for the next few decades. Wood flooring can be sanded down and refinished at any time. While this may take some elbow grease, it allows one to add new stains or even paint the floors any colour as trends change.

  1. Wide and Thin Planks Have Different Effects

The width of the planks you install makes a difference. In small rooms, narrow planks tend to look cluttered and busy, but in larger rooms can be quite appealing to the eye. Wide planks, on the other hand, create a clean, calm and expansive look in any room.

  1. Texture is a Great Way to Balance Your Floors

While wood is a great texture to incorporate into your home, too much of it can look overwhelming and dreary. Adding various textures and materials will break up the look of solid, heavy wood. Think about luxurious fabrics such as leather or velvet, or décor and materials made from metal, concrete, or airy textiles such as cotton curtains.

  1. Use Leftover Planks for Other DIY Projects

Have any leftover wooden, laminate, or engineered wood planks? These can be upcycled for DIY crafts and projects like shelves, wainscoting or picture frames.

If you would like to find out about our hardwood alternatives or other flooring ideas, get in touch with us today.

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