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The year 2020 will be remembered for many things, one being that many of us had slightly more indoors time than in 2019. Although outdoor living takes centre stage during the holiday season, rainy days still call for quality indoor time. Warmth and comfort become priorities the moment you have to spend five or more hours a day indoors. The top carpet and rugs trends for 2020-2021 highlight the focus on comfortable, elegant, and stain-safe surfaces, which are crucial to indoor living. If you’re still contemplating how to style your home for 2021, then you will appreciate knowing about the hottest carpet and rugs styles and ideas for 2021.

Exceptionally Soft Underfoot for the Bedroom

“Plush” and “soft” are two words to describe the perfect surface for a luxurious bedroom. Indulgence in the opulence of slightly softer carpets and rugs is not reserved for celebrities. South African homeowners can look forward to exclusive ranges of plush and exceptionally comfortable carpets and rugs.

In line with this trend, and true to our commitment to bringing clients the best of the best in carpeting choices, we bring you the all-new “Changing Lives”, which is a brand new ULTRA soft wall-to-wall carpet range that is perfectly suited for bedrooms. It has all the bells and whistles you can want in a luxury floor surface, made for comfort and elegance. Choose a colour that fits your bedroom colour theme. Walking barefoot simply to indulge in the luxury of this range may very well become a trend in your home.

Luxury and Soft Underfoot Extends to Other Rooms

If you spend a fair deal of time indoors, then creating a comfortable, aesthetically appealing and stylish environment becomes all the more important. With more people now working from home than in the past, one can expect a little bit more focus on comfort as one of the essentials. The Softology range certainly sets the plush trend for 2020-2021. Made from a high count of fine filaments, the carpeting in this range has feather-like softness, offering your feet the lap of luxury with every step taken. Subtle additional texture is what provides the ultimate pampering for feet. The stunning beauty of the carpeting in this range is perfectly aligned to fit a refined taste.

More Colour Options than Before

What is so liberating in the choice of carpets and rugs for 2020-2021 is that neutral tones of grey and brown will remain in vogue for years to come. Even if you prefer textured patterns, you will delight in knowing that you’re not limited to a specific colour range. Popular colours include grey, beige, brown, and other warm tones, in addition to a range of blues and even a selection of dual colour-patterned and textured carpets and rugs.

Our stylish selection doesn’t disappoint. Take, for example, the exceptionally affordable Stereo range from the Nouwens brand, available in three colour tones. Whether your home interior falls in the classic or modern category, this gorgeously textured carpet perfectly joins form and function.

First Choice is another example of how it is possible to create a true sense of elegance in an affordable manner. In line with the natural-looking trend for carpets and rugs, the stain-safe and colour-fast textured carpet provides for a classy, yet durable, look and feel. It is so versatile that it is well-suited for residential and commercial settings alike.

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Comfort, style, and more colour options for carpets and rugs in 2020/2021 truly make it a sheer pleasure to match a floor covering with your interior home design preferences. Use our flooring design guide to discover which flooring option suits you best, and try our Room Visualiser now to get a sense of how your flooring choice looks with the furnishings in your home.

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