7 Reasons Why Carpets are Still the Top Flooring Choice for Mature People

October 14, 2020

Time flies. If you haven’t noticed before, this year certainly was a prime example of this old adage. While parts have certainly felt excruciatingly long, it has also passed in the wink of an eye. The older you get, the more true this becomes. So, while you have time, make sure you create the absolute best environment to live in for yourself or your mature family members. When it comes to flooring choices, there one option that stands out above the rest in terms of comfort and convenience for elderly people, and that’s carpets.

What Makes Carpets Such a Popular Choice

We take a look of some of the great benefits of carpets that make it the ideal flooring choice for this age group:

1. Safety

Safety should always be the number one priority when it comes to the elderly. Accidents and falls do, unfortunately, happen. Carpets provide a softer surface and some cushioning compared to other flooring solutions, making it a safer choice to minimise the risk of injury.

2. Slip-resistant

Many hard surface floors can be quite slippery, especially when walking with a cane or walker, or if there is any spillage on the surface. Carpeted floors, on the other hand, provide better grip and fewer chances of slipping, making it easier for older people to move around.

3. Comfort

The foot feel of flooring plays a huge role in the comfort level it provides. Hard surfaces can have a tiring effect on older people, and lead to discomfort in the feet and legs. The cushioning provided by softer carpets, however, helps to mitigate this effect.

4. Warmth

The pile construction of carpets ensures that this flooring type is significantly warmer underfoot than that of its hard-surface contemporaries. The piles and loops act as a thermal insulator, making it much more comfortable for elderly individuals whose feet and ankles are affected by cold or fluctuating temperatures.

5. Noise reduction

Carpeted floors are very effective at reducing noise caused by people moving around in a room. For senior citizens, who could be more sensitive to noise and sudden, loud sounds, this provides a great benefit, resulting in a more serene and peaceful environment.

6. Comforting colours

The psychological effect of colours is well documented. Certain colours, such as warm neutrals, blues, greens and teal help to create a soothing atmosphere. Colours can also help certain Alzheimer patients to orient themselves to a certain room.

7. Easy to maintain

Carpets are easy to keep clean. Older people who still prefer to do their own cleaning can simply invest in a sturdy, easy-to-operate vacuum cleaner, and do not have to get on their hands and knees to wash a floor.

Whatever your flooring needs, choose Top Carpets and Floors as your supplier. With more than 130 stores and showrooms nationwide and a wide range of hundreds of quality flooring products to choose from, we’ll have the perfect solution for you. What’s more, our professional installation team will ensure that your flooring is in place and looking great in absolutely no time. Get in touch to find your perfect carpet.

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