Synthetic grass, "Growing trend" or short time fad?

The popularity of synthetic grass is currently exploding with the majority of flooring and carpeting companies having varieties in their assortment. It is however not a new thing and been around for years, in fact, it all started around 1960. Researchers had been looking for some time to provide a more cost-effective, easily manageable and synthetic option for natural turf. It was around then that David Chaney and his team at Research Triangle Park designed the first polyamide to be used as synthetic grass. This was used primarily for sports pitches and in the 80’s there was much controversy around the products due to its abrasive nature and the amount of injuries it caused to sportsmen / sportswomen.

The products have evolved substantially since then. It was in late 1990’s and early 2000’s, that the softer, less abrasive, more resistant fibers made of polyethylene (PE) made an appearance. It was a boom time for artificial sporting turf, and its use in homes and landscaping jumped. With rapid leaps in materials and technology, we have finally been able to begin mimicking natural grass in touch and comfort. There are now upwards of 8000 artificial turf field’s world wide and thousands of homes, institutions, businesses and municipalities that are using artificial turf in landscaping.

Homeowners buying into this synthetic product is possibly the most interesting as we investigate why it is being chosen over the real thing as well as where it is being used. The most obvious area is outdoors in the garden. With the newly developed products, it is difficult to tell whether the application is actually genuine or fake. It is perfect for areas where real grass refuses to grow and works very well when combined with the real thing. It is fantastic for kids play areas, such as under jungle gyms where genuine grass tends to wear away, especially under slides and swings. Let us not forget that this is a perfect solution in areas where there are water restrictions due to drought.

It is perfect for roof gardens, where having real grass takes a fair amount of engineering its artificial counterpart can simply be laid in place. in smaller homes where gardens are limited or almost non-exist ant, it can be great for balconies and patios,  creating a sense of nature that would otherwise be virtually impossible. It doesn’t, however, be limited to the outdoors, what about using it in a garage allowing this space to double up as a play room. It can add a new dimension to kids rooms and due to the nature of the product, can easily be vacuumed and cleaned. It is also great as an alternative to the standard flooring options in a mancave or even home office.

We have listed some of the primary reasons why it is safe to say that the rise in popularity of synthetic grass is by no means a passing fad but rather a product that is here to stay.

To enjoy a lush, green lawn all year, regardless of the weather and with no yard work.

People who travel a lot cannot always make sure that their grass will survive their absence. Synthetic lawn provides the perfect replacement for them

It gives more playing time with less maintenance for sports fields

People whose health or age does not permit them to put time and energy in the upkeep of their yard enjoy taking care of a turf lawn far more

  • No need to buy fuel for lawn equipment
  • No need for expensive sprinkler systems
  • The synthetic grass is environmentally responsible, especially in drought-plagued regions like the Cape.
  • Pet-owners, troubled with their lawn being raked up every time they put their dog out, find this to be a very handy option
  • There is no chance of kids or pets tracking mud inside the house
  • It does not allow for pests to survive as there is no water or food for them in the synthetic lawn
  • It is the perfect adornment for rooftops, balconies or patios
  • It matches perfectly to the contours of your lawn and pavers leaving no room for unseemly edges
  • Vastly reduced maintenance costs
  • Synthetic turf does not harbor harmful bacteria or potentially dangerous insect infestations
  • Synthetic turf has been noted to reduce the number of injuries to players
  • Many players have come on record saying they prefer to play on synthetic surfaces as it makes the ball move as it should
  • It is the perfect surface for repeated use, unlike natural grass
  • Proper run-offs provided around synthetic grass can help in conserving water
  • It lasts for 15-20 years

It is advisable if going this route that you look for reputable brands and companies if you want a product that is going to last. Due to the popularity, many cheaper inferior products are finding their way onto the shelves of retailers and large hardware stores.










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