Medical Flooring: Will Your Floor Pass a Medical?

Research tells us that the physical environment in which patients are cared for and in which healthcare practitioners work has a significant impact on them. Therefore, medical flooring solutions must be spot on. When it comes to medical flooring, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, as each medical facility is different, and their flooring needs will, therefore, follow suit.

Hospitals, for example, are challenged with two distinct types of environments. There are those environments which are the clean, non-sterile environments that endure a lot of foot traffic, and then there are the sterile areas where heavy foot traffic is also a factor, but the potential for contamination on the flooring is a far more critical factor.

At Top Carpets and Floors, we understand that the right type of medical flooring solution is imperative to the overall experience that the medical facility strives to offer and to their continued success.

One of the most popular choices of medical flooring solutions is vinyl, such as luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl composite tiles or specialised vinyls.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Vinyl has come a long way since the 1920s and one of the main reasons why it is still very sought after in the area of medical flooring solutions is that it is incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean, i.e. hygienic. Medical flooring solutions have to offer this benefit in high-paced environments where the spread of germs and illnesses must be kept strictly under control.

Another reason why healthcare practitioners choose vinyl is for its superior water resistance qualities. On vinyl flooring, the moisture will simply bead up on the surface without soaking into the cushioning, making it very easy to wipe up. The structure of the floors is also such that it prevents mould or bacteria from getting into the flooring.

Why Choose Top Carpets and Floors?

The medical flooring solutions from Top Carpets and Floors offer all of this and more. Our flooring solutions are ideal for areas where sensitive equipment is made, in order to prevent electrical interference. Moreover, they comprise of a special anti-bacterial/fungicidal treatment that prevents moisture and growth of bacteria and, lastly, they are suitable for heavy-traffic areas.

Our range of quality commercial flooring provides customers with a wide choice of medical flooring solutions that are durable, functional and beautiful.

With expert guidance, you can settle on the best medical flooring solutions for your setup and be assured that each flooring solution is going to do its job, regardless of how rigorous the demands of the area in which it will be installed are.

Knowing what works best and what will meet the standards of the environment is paramount when choosing medical flooring solutions. Just as patients need peace of mind when partnering with a medical facility, medical flooring solutions need to provide medical facility operators with peace of mind that the flooring they have installed is the best fit for their needs.

Top Carpets and Floors is a leader in commercial flooring in South Africa and can offer expert advice on and installation of flooring solutions for even the toughest medical environments.

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