5 Fun DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Home This Season

April 20, 2022

Remodelling one’s home can be as exciting as it is daunting. A complete overhaul can also cost a fortune, which is why many homeowners try to save up for a remodelling project. Fortunately, some options are both easier and can be done at a much lower cost than enlisting a professional redecorator’s services. The benefits of redoing one’s house include enhanced aesthetic appeal and comfort, as well as increasing the return of investment on the property. No matter your reasons for wanting to spruce up your space, there are several DIY projects that won’t take as much time or money and will still be highly transformative to any space. Below, we look at five, ultra-simple (yet effective) ways to add some pizzazz to any area in your home.

DIY Flooring

1. The Wonders of a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the easiest projects to undertake is to add a new splash of colour to the walls. If you wish to spruce up your house but your budget does not allow much wiggle room, a paint job is your best bet. Drab, beige walls can be painted over with warm-hued browns or cool greys. Arches and geometric patterns can be painted to add more depth and interest to a space. Homeowners can even create their own hand-painted wallpapers with stencils or various techniques. Fortunately, when it comes to painting ideas, there are countless resources online that will assist homeowners with the right products and trends to try out.

2. Modular Furniture that Increases Storage Space

Modern homes are getting smaller, and people are seeking practical solutions that emphasise both form and function. Modular furnishings are items in the home that can serve more than one function, often contributing to a more spacious area. Examples of modular furniture include a couch with a bookshelf built into its sides or a bed with storage space beneath the mattress. When it comes to DIY projects to spruce up one’s house, building modular furniture does not need to be as complex as it sounds. Various online sites feature ideas that make use of materials such as wood pallets, cardboard and even recycled plastic. While having some do-it-yourself savvy with tools is helpful, sometimes strong wood glue and spray paint is all it takes to craft something beautiful.

3. Fixtures, Faucets and Handles

Details make all the difference, especially when it comes to giving one’s property a facelift. Many DIY projects to spruce up a home include building something, but sometimes an overhaul is as simple as a minor installation. One aspect that can transform a space is the fixtures in a room. These include light fixtures, light switches, curtain railings and even built-in appliances. Replacing these with a modern alternative will revamp the space with very little effort and cost. New faucets in the bathroom or kitchen will modernise and refresh these rooms without much hard work involved. Other often-overlooked features are handles for doors, cupboards and drawers. Adding new handles can create the feel of a newer, more stylish aesthetic without having to replace the entire installation.

4. Projects to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

The outdoor and garden areas of a property are usually neglected. These are incredibly versatile layouts that can be turned into spaces of rest and recreation. DIY landscaping often involves small gardening and installation projects that over time come together to create something magnificent. Small additions that spruce up your yard every few months mean that eventually, you will have the garden of your dreams. You can build a braai area, add yard décor, incorporate pathways, install water features and even grow plants that attract certain birds and insects. There are endless outdoor DIY ideas from which to choose. Not only does overhauling your garden add more curb appeal to your property, but it makes living there so much more enjoyable.

Artificial Grass

5. Try Some DIY Flooring Solutions

Just like walls, floors are considered a canvas upon which to work when decorating your space. Starting with a drab floor will hinder any attempts at decorating or renovating a room. For this reason, many DIY projects to spruce up a home include installing new floating floors.

Floating floors are by far the easiest DIY flooring solutions to install. The click-lock system at the seam of every board means that pieces fit into each other and click into place, and there is no need for these boards to be glued or nailed down. Floating floors such as wood laminates and luxury vinyl tiles can accurately emulate real hardwood and stone tiles, making them more affordable installations that still look fantastic. These installations are also not as labour-intensive, which means they are often weekend projects that many homeowners undertake to spruce up a chosen room. While installation is relatively straightforward, some factors may require a more experienced hand. Subfloor preparation, for example, could be tricky and hiring professionals to handle certain aspects of the installation is wisest.

At Top Carpets and Floors, we are ready to assist you with your DIY renovation projects when you are seeking flooring solutions. We have a wide selection of floors to spruce up your home, from plush carpeting and rugs to luxury vinyl and wood laminates. For more information on our superior range of products, contact us today.

Plus, if you are looking for how-to advice, look no further than our ultimate DIY guide for installing laminate flooring like a pro. Download your free copy now.



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