Don’t Miss Out on this Year’s Flooring Trends

Wooden flooring is something that piques the interest of potential home buyers. However, wooden flooring (the real deal) is very costly and, oftentimes, unpractical and difficult to maintain.

But this does not mean that you need to scrap that floor makeover just yet. Top Carpets and Floors has many wonderful flooring options which mimic real wooden flooring so well that sometimes, even we can’t believe it’s not real wood!

As homeowners demand more exciting and innovative ways to spruce up their flooring, manufacturers have responded with wooden flooring options more beautiful than ever before.

The trends in wooden flooring for 2018 are largely colour-based.

Here are the 5 wooden flooring trends which have us inspired:

  1. Grey is it in 2018: Grey flooring complements any other colour. You will not have to redecorate your entire home to accommodate grey flooring – the flooring will happily accommodate whatever you already have in the room. We love it and have a wide range of superb grey-toned wooden flooring options in stock. Grey wooden flooring may lack a bit of warmth, but it makes up for this tenfold by providing a unique, clean and modern look. What was once a small push by manufacturers to test the waters with grey flooring has turned into a massive demand from homeowners who are just loving the fresh look it gives a room.
  2. Dark stained wooden flooring: It is timeless and an absolute trend this year. Be careful though, because dark colours can make a room look smaller. It is therefore important to choose wisely, if this is your preference. Some expert advice on the area you want to install the wooden flooring in will go a long way to provide you with peace of mind.
  3. Do blondes have more fun? It would appear so when it comes to wooden flooring. A lot of attention is being paid to blonde wooden flooring, which gives a home a light, airy feel, without looking too modern. Again, like with grey wooden flooring, your décor options are endless. Choose your style and it will fit in perfectly with blonde-coloured wooden flooring.
  4. Engineered wooden flooring: This type of flooring remains a favourite and is very fashionable. You will be hard-pressed to know which of our FinOak and Woodline Parquetry variations to look at first. The FinOak is available unfinished with an authentic European Oak Rustic top surface. The colours range from gorgeous greys to earthy and deep tones. Regardless of your style – rustic, contemporary, cottage or classic, engineered wooden flooring will transform your living spaces, giving you room to breathe, relax and live! And, your home will be the talk of the neighbourhood (as they will all believe you have installed genuine hardwood floors!).
  5. Wide-plank wooden flooring: You can’t get any more old-school than wide-plank wooden flooring. The broader the planks are, the better for creating a mature, authentic wooden flooring feel throughout your home.

Get trendy and stay within your budget with our flooring options which impersonate real hardwood flooring beautifully. Contact Top Carpets and Floors today.

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