Vertical Blinds Can Be a Softer and More Elegant Alternative

While vertical blinds seem unlikely to threaten the long-standing love affair between homeowners and interior designers with the far older and contrasting horizontal Venetian variety, they do offer the purchaser a number of benefits that have seen them gain considerable popularity. Many of the homes and offices, and even some of the department stores in Central Gauteng cities and most of the urban areas in South Africa, have adopted this type of window adornment and there is no doubting their ability to add a distinct touch of elegance to their décor.

While both these and their horizontal counterpart offer variable degrees of shade, privacy and climate control, vertical blinds employ softer fabrics for their slats. This, of course, would be totally impractical for use in their Venetian predecessors, as fabrics lack the rigidity of wood, aluminium or plastic that is essential when the slats must be positioned horizontally. It is the use of softer fabrics and the far greater variety of textures, colours and patterns this has made possible that have been the main reasons behind the steadily growing appeal of this innovative, modern adaptation of the earlier design concept. The latter, incidentally, should actually be attributed to the ancient Persians and not the medieval Venetians, who merely adopted it.

Vertical blinds offer precisely the same facilities for control that are possible with products that have horizontal slats. That is to say they may be pulled completely to one side where they will form a compact layer in order to expose the entire window and admit the maximum amount of light.

In addition, the slats may be adjusted to any position within a full 180 degree radius in order to provide varying degrees of privacy or shade from the Central Gauteng sun as appropriate. The rotation allows the occupants to direct the incoming light to the desired part of the room and, in the process, vertical blinds also create some interesting and attractive shadow effects that extend to the floor, the walls and the ceiling.

Apart from offering the home or business owner a wide choice of fabrics, this type of product is far more suitable for use with very large windows and is the perfect choice for those sliding, glass patio doors that often extend for the full width of an outside wall. Another useful advantage of vertical blinds for busy homeowners is that they are also quite easy to clean and maintain.

If you are unsure where best to buy them, why not do as most discerning homeowners in the West Rand and elsewhere do? Visit your local Top Carpets and Floors outlet for top-quality, affordable vertical blinds.

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