3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Luxury Carpets

June 10, 2018

Flooring is often the first thing new homeowners want to change if they have bought a previously-loved home. If this is you and you are struggling to make up your mind regarding the type of flooring to choose, why not consider something luxurious, like carpeting?

If you were considering real hardwood floors, for example, you may want to reconsider if only for two reasons: 1) there may be maintenance challenges; and 2) they are very costly. Yes, real hardwood floors are beautiful, but carpeting, on the other hand, can give your home a make-over at an affordable cost. While not suitable for all areas in a home, living rooms and bedrooms remain popular areas for carpets simply because they offer that wonderful feeling of luxury.

Allergy Sufferers Take Note

A well-known benefit of carpets is that they have been proven to help allergy sufferers. Every home and office have dust, regardless of which type of flooring you have. The difference with carpets is that when dust and allergens settle, they stay trapped in the fibres as opposed to floating around in the air for everyone to breathe in. When you, voila, the dust is gone!

Think about dust on a hardwood floor now. Once disturbed by, for instance, walking or even a slight breeze, the dust particles will escape into the air and will easily be breathed in. This is not the case with carpeting, which is obviously a huge advantage to anyone with asthma and allergy sufferers in the house.

Carpet Styles

Carpet has a style all of its own and we absolutely love that! By choosing the right carpet, be it colour or style, you can create a unique ambience perfectly suited for each room. With carpets, you can choose luxury, elegance, casual or comfy. Carpets are a wonderful way to change things up in a room.

The wide variety of styles and textures available today are anything but boring and make it easy to turn ordinary rooms into extraordinary living spaces. Short piles are generally best for more formal areas, like entrance halls or formal lounges, and a longer pile for more casual, playful areas, like living rooms or bedrooms.

Maintenance of Carpets

Another great benefit of carpets is that it does not require a lot of maintenance. Obviously, depending on the type of carpet, it needs the correct care and many today come with stain-proof qualities, which makes the carpet even easier to maintain.

If your household is a busy one, you may want to consider the fact that carpeting is a great insulator of sound., which means no more noisy TV sounds from downstairs when you are in bed. As a great insulator of heat too, carpets will help to lower your electricity bills in winter. Both these benefits make carpeting great value for money.

Everyone has their own idea of luxury carpets, which is why it would be best to speak to a professional when it comes to choosing the right carpet for your home. Contact your nearest Top Carpet and Floors branch today.

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