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Artificial Grass Longevity: We Take a Look at How Long it Lasts

Artificial grass longevity comes down to several factors, and we can give you expert guidance on finding high-quality, long-lasting options. Synthetic lawns have come a long way in recent years, not just in terms of how realistic many products appear, but in their durability and longevity too. Their exceptional benefits also mean that they are becoming more popular with property owners who wish to transition to a low-maintenance, evergreen option for their home or business.

Thinking through the logistics of your installation is important, however, especially since synthetic lawns are a long-term commitment. If you want to know more about factors that influence artificial grass longevity and how to prolong the lifespan of your lawn, the information below may be of some use to you.

Brands Are a Major Decider in Artificial Grass Longevity

Unlike a living lawn that requires sunlight, water, nutrients, mowing and other forms of upkeep, artificial grass is popular because it maintains its vibrant green look all year long and offers several benefits. Because it is made from synthetic fibres such as polypropylene and nylon, it is resistant to the elements as well as regular use and impacts. Older options used to look quite cheap and plastic, which is still the idea that many people have about synthetic turf. New and advanced manufacturing techniques and designs far exceed these old products, however, and both the local and international markets are again regaining interest in this product that offers a pristine, emerald lawn during all seasons. Of course, the most significant influencer of artificial grass longevity is the brand and supplier you choose, and this plays the biggest role in the product’s quality.

Price does not always offer a clear indication of what the product’s performance will be like. That said, when it comes to synthetic lawns, higher-end designs generally perform much better over time and offer more advantages than cheaper products.

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The Installation Makes All the Difference

You can have the best kind of product, but without installing it the correct way, you will never get the most out of its performance or lifespan. The installation plays such a big role in how long artificial grass lasts that we at Top Carpets and Floors always encourage professional installations. Not only does this ensure a beautiful final result that leaves no room for error, but it means that it will last much longer. Issues such as the quality of the turf and infill, how well the ground beneath the product is prepared, and where it is installed, all play a role in artificial grass longevity. Before settling on a product and hauling it home to install it yourself, we recommend speaking to professionals like our product experts who will give you reliable advice.

Unfortunately, do-it-yourself installations without any experience or the right tools can lead to unevenness, separation of the seams and bunching of the grass. With years of experience in the field, you can rely on our assistance when it comes to outdoor flooring solutions such as artificial grass.

Artificial Grass is Resistant to Wear and Tear Over Time

The more traffic and use a flooring installation receives, the faster it will degrade over time. However, artificial grass manages to withstand years of wear and tear – especially when it comes to high-end products. This is why so many homeowners prefer turf to a live lawn. It handles foot traffic and various conditions well, given how little maintenance it requires. If you want a better understanding of how long your product will endure normal use, consider the design’s materials and manufacturer’s warranty when shopping for options. Synthetic lawns of superior quality generally show exceptional durability when it comes situations like:

  • Outdoor gatherings, like parties or braais.
  • Recreational activities on the lawn, such as exercising, playing sports or kids playing.
  • Pets that use the lawn – even if they tend to play a little roughly or soil the area.

Artificial grass also won’t fail you when exposed to the elements, like rainfall and seasonal changes. Cheap products from questionable suppliers will not last as long, unfortunately. The solution here, thankfully, is to partner with experts such as Top Carpets and Floors. You are free to speak to us about the kind of climate in which you live, as well as how you will be using your artificial grass, so that we can advise you on the best product for your needs. This professional support, along with the right kind of maintenance and upkeep, will allow you to enjoy your synthetic lawn for years to come.

Regular Maintenance and Care

Keeping your turf clean with frequent raking, rinsing and minor repairs where needed will keep it looking great for years to come. Many products have a minimum warranty of about two to eight years, but those who remove debris, regularly apply infill and occasionally fluff out the grass with a broom will enjoy their product much longer.

By keeping these factors in mind and looking after your installation well, you can extend your product’s lifespan and get greater value out of your investment. If you would like to learn about our ranges like our Designer Grass, the Artificial Grass Collection, and Likelawn, contact us today.

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