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10 Beautiful Living Room Floor Ideas

Have you run out of living room floor ideas and find yourself seeking some inspiration? We have a few trends to get you started. We all enjoy putting our personal stamp on our home to make it feel like an extension of our personalities. The living room especially, often one of the places where families and friends gather regularly, holds a special place in a homeowner’s heart. If you are looking for ways to spruce up your living room or lounge, the floors are a great place to begin. In this article, we share 10 living room floor ideas, and what to consider before making any big decisions and choosing an option.

Factors to Think About Before Coming Up with Living Room Floor Ideas

Some living rooms flow intuitively, and it’s easy to know where to place furniture, décor and rugs. Others feel disjointed and creating harmony is challenging. Flooring can assist with this. The right floors can ground a room, make it look bigger or smaller, or even make a bold statement. When considering living room floor ideas, think about factors such as how durable, comfortable underfoot, able to absorb sound, safe, and easy to maintain you need your floors to be. Certain lifestyle habits, pets and the type of people living within your household, like children or elderly individuals, may also inform your plans.

living room flooring

10 Current Trends to Inspire Your Creativity

If you are currently browsing for different types of flooring products, you will realise there is a dazzling array of options from which to choose. This fact, unfortunately, makes deciding on a single idea harder, not easier. Narrowing down your preferences and non-negotiable needs for a floor is always a good idea before you start shopping. If you are keen on exploring some living room floor ideas, however, below are 10 trends that may nudge you in the right direction:

  1. Use rugs to make a statement: Whether large or small, textured, patterned or plain, the right rug adds warmth and cosiness to any room. Area rugs are always a fabulous way to play with prints and colour without the commitment of redoing the entire floor.
  2. Carpets and living rooms are a great pair: Living rooms are meant to be inviting and comfortable, and this is one area where carpets are a cut above other kinds of floors. They’re plush, soft and feel wonderful underfoot. Carpets will also never fall out of style, and the right design will offer you timeless sophistication for years to come.
  3. Enjoy solid wood? Try engineered wood instead: Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they are costly and hard to maintain. Engineered wood floors are significantly more affordable without losing the gorgeous wood veneer that makes solid wood attractive for many buyers.
  4. Need something a bit more durable? Wood laminates are a great option: Wood-look laminates are a budget-friendly alternative to hardwood floors that are easy to maintain and install – and outstanding when it comes to performance. If your living room receives a lot of activity, laminates are wonderful at resisting wear and tear.
  5. Get the stone or marble look with SPC: Stone plastic composite floors feature a distinctly durable core and outstanding water resistance. The polished designs also emulate wood, stone and even marble marvellously.
  6. Use different flooring solutions to create zones: One single kind of floor throughout the living room will unify the room. If you would like to distinguish sections in a large living room, though, you can do so by using different types of floors, such as laminates and carpeting.
  7. Don’t resign yourself to parallel planks: Luxury vinyl planks, engineered wood boards and laminate planks can be installed in a variety of patterns, like the currently trending herringbone style.
  8. The natural wood look doesn’t need to be brown: Many people still associate wood-look floors with various shades of brown, but trends are now moving towards cooler shades of grey and even white, which look softer and more refined.
  9. Using artificial grass inside your home: Using artificial grass within the home has been trending for the last few years, and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, it certainly adds a touch of greenery to spaces that could do with some reviving. In a living room, artificial grass can be used as a rug under a coffee table and even looks great when hung from a feature wall in a wooden frame for that plants-caping aesthetic.
  10. Self-levelling screed for that minimalist, industrial look: Self-levelling screed is used when preparing a sub-floor before a flooring installation, but some people prefer the smooth, solidly neutral look it offers. It pairs well with open spaces, rustic and raw materials and neutral colour palettes that feature splashes of copper or stressed metal.

Partner with Us for More Ideas

Every home is different, and so is every household. Your needs, personal style and lifestyle preferences will inform your choice when it comes to transforming your floors. We at Top Carpets and Floors are available to assist you with living room floor ideas that cater to who you are and what your lifestyle entails, and our vast range of designer products is sure to impress you. Want to have a chat? Contact us here.

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