DuraTurf: Set a Trend That Will Last

February 12, 2018

Lawns across Gauteng are rejoicing after the recent summer rainfall – although we are sure many gardens suffered damage due to the extreme rain and hail. Home and business owners who made the wise choice of investing in artificial grass would not have had anything to be concerned about, say the experts at Top Carpets & Floors. The reason being that artificial grass is durable.

Artificial grass is hugely popular and with leading brands introducing more improved products each year, those who have had it installed are real trendsetters – the envy of their neighbourhoods. There are many reasons for the popularity of products such as DuraTurf, by Belgotex, of which Top Carpets & Floors is a proud supplier. We believe the number one benefit of an artificial covering like DuraTurf is definitely its contribution to preserving the environment.

DuraTurf lives up to its name – it boasts superior quality and is exceptionally durable. The product, first introduced for recreational facilities in 2006, has taken the consumer market by storm.

Wondering why? Well, perhaps we can help…

If you answer “yes” to the following five questions, there will be no doubt that you should be in a Top Carpets & Floors store shopping for DuraTurf with the assistance of our professional team.

  1. Do you want a beautifully manicured lawn all year round?
  2. Are you tired of the high maintenance that natural lawns require?
  3. Are you concerned about the high-water usage on natural lawns?
  4. Are you tired of bald patches of grass in shady spots of your garden?
  5. Would you not rather be enjoying your garden, instead of always working in it to keep it looking good?

If you answered “‘yes”’ to all of the above (which we are sure you did), then read on to find out more about how DuraTurf will forever change the way you see and use lawns.

They do not call DuraTurf the grass that lasts for no reason. This great product can really roll with the punches.

Consider the fact that in many areas, especially recreational areas, natural lawns can be a pain. Such as around a swimming pool or a putting green. Here, you need something hardy and dependable to withstand a great deal of foot traffic and activity. Oh, and no more traipsing wet grass through the house!

DuraTurf is South Africa’s largest range of artificial grass. It has proven popular in a myriad of applications, including rooftops, gardens, landscaping, loose-lay rugs, cricket pitches, corporate entertainment areas, change rooms, and sports facilities.

To suit client needs, DuraTurf is available as a non-sand filled system, suitable for terraces, indoor use, swimming pools, small gardens and trade shows, and an infill system, perfect for playgrounds, recreational areas and big gardens. The cherry on top is that it is available in a range of stunning colours and a choice of pile heights.

Anyone interested in a durable solution to the ongoing challenges of maintaining a natural lawn should give Top Carpets & Floors a call today. We have the perfect solution in DuraTurf!

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