10 Great Advantages of Artificial Grass

As the meme goes, “modern problems require modern solutions”. In a world where we value both practicality and pleasing aesthetics but often lack the time that is required for traditional maintenance, artificial grass presents the perfect solution.

While a natural lawn is certainly a great addition to any home, it requires intensive upkeep to stay lush and green. Our busy schedules often mean that the maintenance of our lawn appears way down on the list of priorities when time is at a premium. Instead of paving over that area at the back of your house, you would do well to consider artificial grass as an alternative.

Take a look at these 10 great advantages of investing in artificial grass for your home:

No hazardous chemicals required

Natural lawns when healthy and maintained look amazing, but even these can carry health hazards – especially for children who are always keen to play and get their hands dirty outside. There is no need for toxic chemicals on artificial grass.

Less unwanted critters

Unlike a natural lawn, artificial grass doesn’t provide a home for all those bugs and unwanted pests – plus your children won’t be bringing inside any little “friends” they may find while playing.

No more Saturday morning lawn mowing

Synthetic lawn does not need mowing, so there is no need to purchase that expensive lawnmower, or spending your precious free time sweating over the upkeep of your lawn. All you need a good broom to keep it looking great.

No more weeding

Who likes weeding the lawn? Anyone? No. With artificial grass, weeds will no longer be a problem. It simply looks great, all the time.

Fewer allergens

So many people suffer from hay fever and allergies, so instead of avoiding your lawn like the plague, you can now enjoy your space fully. A synthetic lawn will do away with many of your natural lawn-related allergies.

Save that precious water

Being eco-friendly is a must as climate change is a major problem people can no longer ignore, but to keep a lawn looking green and healthy requires an inordinate amount of water. Having all experienced water shortages throughout the country, the fact that artificial grass never needs watering is a huge benefit to the environment, making it the eco-friendlier option with the added bonus of being more cost-effective.

Artificial grass is incredibly durable

It can stay looking good, withstanding wear and tear for several years after being installed. The materials used in manufacturing synthetic lawns are made to look good even with constant traffic and in all kinds of climates – a quality product won’t even fade in constant ultraviolet sun exposure.

Do away with dirt

A synthetic lawn is much cleaner and covers the soil or ground surface. This means that there is much less sand and garden debris to be stepped into your home. Plus, you’ll never find any of those annoying holes your dog often likes to dig – no holes, no mud on a damp day, and therefore no dirt being dragged through your home.

No more unsightly patches

There is always that annoying patch on a natural lawn that simply won’t grow, no matter how much effort you put into it. Artificial grass is the solution here and can be cut to any specification.

It is equally suited for indoor and outdoor use

Maybe you live in an apartment or a house without a yard. Maybe you simply want to add it as a quirky addition to your home or office interior. Whatever the reason, artificial grass works just as well as a flooring solution inside as it does outside.

Top Carpets and Floors boasts an amazing range of artificial grass products in an extensive range of colours and textures. Contact us to find out more, get a quote, and arrange installation at your home or office.

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