7 Reasons to Check Out Our Online Carpet Shop

Top Carpets and Floors is one of South Africa’s finest reputable flooring suppliers, offering you one of the largest selections of flooring solutions under one roof. Now, with our online carpet shop, it is even more convenient to browse our extensive and excellent range of products for all your home and office flooring needs.

It is no easy task to shop for the perfect carpet and it might seem even more difficult having to do it online. If that is what you are thinking, it’s probably because you haven’t tried our online carpet shop yet. Here is how we make shopping for carpets easier for you:


Who has the time to spend an entire Saturday afternoon in the shops trying to find the perfect flooring solution? We are sure you have better things to do, which is why we have created an online carpet shop that contains great visuals, additional information, and tips, all organised into a website that is super easy to navigate. Browse it in your own time, at your own convenience, and contact us when you have found the inspiration you need.


Top Carpets and Floors is one of the most respected and largest suppliers of floor coverings in South Africa. This means that we have a wide selection of designs, styles and solutions for you to browse in our online carpet shop. Whatever your taste and requirements, we will have a solution for you.


Our size also gives us great buying power in the market. This means we can source the best quality products from reputable manufacturers and bring it to you at a competitive price. Our range includes something for every budget – from economy options to premium solutions that offer great value for money.

Special promotions

When browsing our online carpet shop, be sure to check out our Promotions. Here, you will come across our monthly promotions, as well as competitions we are running. You will find some great deals here, and let’s face it – everyone loves a bargain.

Quality guaranteed

Not only do we make sure we source the best quality products from top suppliers, but we also provide you with a range of product guarantees to provide you with complete peace of mind. We know how stressful it can be to replace flooring, which is why we guarantee our installation service. You are sure to receive only the best from us.

Expert advice

Do you need some expert advice on what flooring solutions to choose, and how much to buy of that product to cover the necessary area? No worries. Simply browse our online carpet shop, then contact us to arrange for one of our team members to come to your house with the necessary samples you are interested in. They will answer any and all questions you may have while affording you the chance to view the samples in the area you want to use it. Once you have decided what you like, they will draw up a quote for you at no extra charge.

Returns policy

What if you don’t like the carpet you bought? If that is what is stopping you from using an online shop, fear no more. Here at Top Carpets and Floors, we realise that some designs might not look the same in different lighting conditions, or next to certain items. Which is why we offer you a 10-Day Colour Replacement Guarantee to remove any stress and to ensure you are absolutely happy with your choice.

When considering all the benefits of using our online carpet shop, it almost seems silly to use any other method. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping now and enjoy browsing through our extensive selection of quality flooring solutions.

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