8 Reasons Why You Will Love a Carpeted Home

In winter, you want to keep your home warm, but there is the concern of having to use more electricity than usual to do so. Reconsidering that your flooring could solve the problem. Carpets are a cost-effective alternative to heating devices in winter, but they will also benefit your home and family all year. But then there is the matter of cost. Finding an affordable range that is still of high quality is possible, you just need to contact the experts at Top Carpets and Floors.

We know that new flooring is a big decision, but there are long-term advantages if you choose wisely to ensure the flooring suits your lifestyle and is of good quality. A quality flooring solution can serve you well, not to mention that will look great for many years to come. We, at Top Carpets and Floors, offer an affordable carpet range to suit all lifestyles.

8 reasons why you should choose carpets…

1) Insulation

Not only do carpets look warm and cosy, but they are actually great insulators of heat, which means that you can save money on electricity this winter.

2) Comfort

Ease out of bed and instantly feel the warmth and softness of the carpet under your bare feet. This makes winter mornings so much more bearable. Also, think about curling up in front of the fireplace on a plush, soft floor. You will love coming home and kicking off your shoes when you have a carpeted home.

3) Cost

A wide range of brands, designs and textures means you will easily find something to suit your pocket. An affordable carpet range does not have to mean cheap and nasty. You will be surprised at the quality ranges that are available locally, which come with a value-for-money price tag.

4) Appearance

When choosing a carpet, aesthetics is an important factor, especially if you want to give the room to look luxurious and welcoming. The variety of colours, patterns and pile heights make it easy to give your home a make-over, which really makes a statement.

5) Style

A new carpet is an investment, so what you want is a carpet that will be in style for many years, giving each room in your home an uplifting, modern look.

6) Sound

Carpets are also a master absorber of sound. No more noisy TV sounds coming from downstairs when you are relaxing in bed. Sound is even better absorbed with padded carpeting.

7) Safety

Carpeted floors are a good safety barrier when it comes to slips and trips. This is especially beneficial if you have small children who may still be a bit wobbly on their feet. It is far easier to slip on a hardwood floor than on one that is carpeted.

8) Allergies

Carpet traps dust and other allergens as opposed to releasing them into the air, which is a benefit for allergy sufferers. Regular vacuuming removes the dust, ensuring your home is as dust-free as possible. You should only have to deep clean your carpet every 12 to 18 months.

For the best advice when looking to invest in carpets, speak to one of our experts at Top Carpets and Floors. You can be certain that our range of affordable carpets will include the perfect carpet for your home.

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