Growth in Quartz Carpet Seamless Stone Flooring

The seamless natural stone market in South Africa is growing. The trend towards clean-looking seamless floors has been to the benefit of seamless quartz flooring.

Tile manufacturers responded to this trend by developing rectified tiles with no grout lines. The tiles are butt-jointed to create a continuous effect and some of the most popular colours are steering towards more organic colour ranges.

How are Quartz Carpet floors installed?

The Quartz Carpet flooring system is trowel-applied on site, utilising imported glacial aggregates and clear resin binders to create a beautiful, natural floor.

Benefits of Quartz Carpet floors

Hardness and durability

The imported alluvial glacial quartz stone is extremely hard, measuring 8 on the MOH (Measure of Hardness) scale where diamond measures 10, and it is impact- and abrasion-resistant.


The air pockets between the stones make this a very smooth floor to walk on, so perfect for easy barefoot living, and non-slip too.

Aesthetics and design flexibility

These floors are totally seamless and offer unlimited colour combinations and design opportunities (customised logos are part of the service provided).

Ease of maintenance

Quartz Carpet flooring is easy to maintain and clean, relatively inexpensive to install and is underfloor-heating compliant.

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