Flooring Solutions in Cape Town

January 22, 2020

The Most Popular Flooring Solutions in Cape Town – and Where to Find Them

The Mother City has no shortage of stylish homes and trendy workspaces. Design is an intricate part of the pulse of the city, and the results of this style-conscious approach are evident everywhere. Locals love to hang out together, socialise in beautiful surroundings and show off their environment. And considering the natural beauty of the area, this is no surprise. This beauty translates into the preferred interior decorating styles, drawing on both natural cues and bold statements. It is thus no wonder that quality flooring solutions are a big deal in Cape Town, where renovations are as popular as brunch dates.

With this style-conscious attitude, we take a look at the flooring solutions that are currently popular in Cape Town:


After all these years, carpets are still a winner. But forget the drab, shoddy carpets that are fraying at the edges, because today it is all about plushness. The softer and more luxurious the carpet, the better. Add to that some loose rugs for hard floor surfaces and you have a great flooring solution for those colder mornings in Cape Town. This option is especially popular for bedrooms to create a muted and comfortable environment, as well as for playrooms where comfortable lounging is at the order of the day. Because Capetonians know how to chill out in style.

Wood Laminates

Wood laminates are still increasing in popularity. In terms of interior design, wooden floors are still all the rage, but wood laminate flooring provides a more affordable – and in some circumstances even more durable – solution than real wood while still providing the authentic look of real wood. This is because wood laminate flooring makes use of a thin sliver of actual wood set on a durable resin base. They are also easy to clean and maintain and boast high moisture resistance – great for residences and offices in Cape Town alike.

Luxury Wood Vinyl

Luxury wood vinyl flooring is the superstar of flooring solutions at the moment – not only in Cape Town, but right around the world. Improved manufacturing techniques have ensured that you can have absolutely any design in photo quality, making it an affordable yet bold solution for both private residences, and businesses who would like their interior design to match their unique branding.

Artificial Grass

Why not smarten things up with a bit of artificial grass? Breathe some new life into your office or replace that dead lawn with something low maintenance that is green all year round. Artificial grass is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

SPC Flooring

Cape Town is known for its love of socialising, and its taste in flooring is reflective of this lifestyle. If you want to transform your entire home, consider SPC flooring, especially if you have an inside social area that flows into an outside space. SPC, short for stone plastic composite, is manufactured with a calcium-carbonate-stone dust core with various benefits, one being that it is more stable in higher temperatures of up to 60°C, thereby making it ideal for outdoor areas.

You can find all of these flooring solutions at any of the Top Carpets and Floors in Cape Town and across South Africa. Get in touch with us and one of our expert team members will gladly answer all your questions and provide you with a quotation for your next renovation project.

Please also take a look at our new Room Visualizer. Here you can pick a room and see how different the various flooring options will look like. Play around and see what you like most.

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