Why Have Carpets Made Such a Huge Comeback?

While wildly popular and prevalent in homes for decades, carpets quickly fell out of fashion some years ago. This change in fortune was certainly not due to one reason only, however, a major contributing factor was the influx of cheaply made products that filled every home and tended to quickly look outdated, worn out, or simply dirty. Furthermore, newer modern flooring solutions offered lower maintenance options to match people’s busy schedules. However, looking at recent trends, carpets have been making a big comeback, and it is very clear that this design trend will only be picking up further momentum throughout 2020 and beyond.

The emergence of this trend might come as a surprise. Over the last decade or two, more and more people were ripping out their carpets and replacing it with a selection of modern flooring solutions. Hardwood floors, in particular, have been all the rage, due to their timeless beauty. While real wood flooring is a very expensive option, modern manufacturing techniques have given us a wide range of highly practical and affordable substitutes, such as luxury wood vinyl, improved laminates and rigid board flooring. However, none of these options are a substitute for the lush luxury of quality carpets.

Luckily, it is not only these types of flooring that have been made better by technology. Carpets have also benefited, and modern-day options have shrugged off the negative connotations and now offer so many benefits to discerning homeowners.

Some of the major benefits of quality carpets (which often cannot be replicated by other flooring options) include:

  • It’s plush and an indulgence – That soft, luxurious feel under your feet immediately creates a feeling of luxury. It is a pleasure that you might not even realise you have been missing.
  • It adds warmth to an area – The soft look and texture instantly make any room feel more inviting. Also, it literally provides warmth, which is especially welcome in the bedroom. Nobody likes getting out of bed only to step on an ice-cold surface. Talk about a rude awakening…
  • It’s comfortable – Your home should be all about your comfort. Whether you want to sit on the floor, walk around barefoot, or have the kids play their favourite indoor games, nothing beats the comfort of a plush carpet.
  • Colours and designs are virtually endless – No matter what your style or existing décor in your house, there is a design and colour to match. Whether you prefer neutral colours or bold, interesting patterns, you can find a carpet to suit your taste.
  • It provides sound insulation – Whether in a work environment or living space, no one wants to listen to people stomping around all day. Unlike hard surface floors, carpets provide a soft surface that absorbs sound.

Why Top Carpets and Floors Should Be Your Supplier of Choice

We have been a leading supplier of flooring solutions in South Africa since 1988. During this time, we have built a great reputation as a trusted supplier of affordable, quality products. Our time in the industry has also allowed us to identify what it is customers want, and to adapt our product and service offerings accordingly.

Today, we offer a useful and interactive website to support our more than 130 stores and showrooms nationwide. Instead of being put on the spot to make a decision as important as flooring choice, you now have the freedom to browse our online store anywhere and at any time. In addition to viewing our wonderful range of products, we provide features to help you identify both your design style and lifestyle requirements. Using our “Room Visualizer” feature you can then see what your choice would look like in situ.

So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing our wonderful selection of carpets right now and transform your space into something exceptional.

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