Wooden Flooring in Gauteng

Installing Top Quality Laminated Wooden Flooring In Gauteng

Home owners and interior designers choosing wooden flooring in Gauteng is certainly not something that is new or unheard of. Wooden flooring and wooden laminate flooring has been popular for quite some time and for good reason.

Many see the flooring in their home as an investment and they are right to do so. When you think of the cost involved in redoing the floors and the effect it can have on the overall atmosphere, flooring certainly is an asset.

wooden flooring gauteng

Top Carpets and Floors is a leading supplier of laminate wooden flooring in Gauteng. In fact their range is some of the best on the market and available at a cost-effective rate too. Laminated wooden flooring provided by Top Carpets and Floors comes with a wear and tear warranty which provides absolute peace of mind.

What’s more is that their laminate flooring panels are designed to click into each other which means that the time required for installation and maintenance is greatly reduced. In addition to this, keeping a laminate floor clean is extremely easy and cost-effective. All that you will require is a damp mop and an ammonia based detergent. Polishes, waxes and other abrasive cleaners are certainly not required. Laminate floors also do not harbour dust and dirt which makes them simply ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.

When considering your options for laminate wooden flooring, take the time to chat to the actual professionals in the field. You will find that Top Carpets and Floors offer a mobile showroom which can actually visit your premises with samples and information.

How Much Of Your Flooring Budget Can Be Used For Flooring?

wooden flooringWhen looking to spruce up your home there is often a decorating budget set in place so that things don’t get out of hand. There are so many things that have to be taken into consideration when doing a little home decor such as furniture, art work, colour schemes, finishing touches and most importantly for many; flooring. There are so many options for flooring that one can choose from that the process can become tedious. Leading flooring professionals in South Africa, such as Top Carpets and Floors, will present you with options including laminate flooring, carpeting, hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, tiles and so much more.

Whether you decorating budget is big or small, there is a flooring solution for you. The great thing about flooring is that you can carefully select it to match existing furniture and colour schemes, so tying these in together could give your home a whole new look and feel.

Three Types of Flooring Most Popular on the Market and Why

Top Carpets and Floors have branches in each major area in South Africa and offer the following flooring options for you to consider and compare:

Laminate flooring – this type of flooring quickly became a firm favourite, not only in South Africa, but across the globe. Laminate flooring is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood flooring so if you would like the elegance offered by real wooden floors, but cannot afford the hefty price tag attached, then laminate flooring is the way to go. These floors are designed to be easily installed and cost effective to maintain. If you are on a limited budget, but want a floor that is durable and easy to care for, then laminate flooring is what you need.

Bamboo flooring – this type of flooring is a hard durable grass that has been manufactured in versatile and long lasting panels. It is the preferred option by those who want to do their bit for the environment as bamboo is not killed off when it is harvested, it renews from the same rootstalk. Bamboo flooring is also a type of floor that is able to cater to a tight budget while still offering a top quality surface. Bamboo floors are just as easy to keep clean as laminate floors.

Carpeting – carpets have been a popular choice not just in the home, but in the office too. It is a cost effective floor covering and one can choose a carpet style, colour and type according to their available budget and preference. There are various grades of carpeting available on the South African market so those seeking out cost effective option, or looking to stay within their decorating budget, will find this a convenient option. Keeping carpeting clean is a simple and affordable task.

Of course one should never exhaust their entire decorating budget on their flooring needs. Keep in mind that you will want to purchase rugs, mats and other decorative items to go with your new flooring so chat to the professional team at Top Carpets and Floors about the appeal you are looking for and allow them to provide you with a variety of options that work with your available budget.

Top Carpets and Floors also offer mobile show rooms that will visit your premises with a variety of samples and catalogues to show you. The staff members operating the mobile show rooms will advise you on the best options available to you and ensure that you are given access to the best rates. Take the time to chat to one of the friendly consultants at Top Carpets and Floors about your available decorating budget and just how much of that you can set aside to spend on your new flooring.

If you are looking for a top supplier of laminated wooden flooring in Gauteng then take the time to contact Top Carpets and Floors. They will ensure that your flooring is installed perfectly and that the required products and services are made available to you at a cost-effective rate.

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