The Best Options on the Market for Hospital Flooring

The service delivered by healthcare providers around the country is without a doubt invaluable. We are all aware of the extensive amount of effort put in by the individuals who provide this service, however, we seldom think of all the other aspects that need to be considered to assist in the successful delivery of this vital service. Providing effective healthcare requires a considered and holistic approach, and even something like hospital flooring needs to meet certain standards and requirements in order to support this.

That’s right, flooring plays a very important role in the service delivery standards of a hospital or other healthcare provider facility. When choosing the ideal type of flooring for a hospital, one needs to consider the following features:


This is obviously the first and foremost consideration. When dealing with people whose health and immune system is compromised, one has to take every possible precaution to reduce the risk of contamination and exposure to germs. While any type of flooring will require regular cleaning to keep it hygienic, a hospital or healthcare facility would want to invest in an option that is waterproof and resistant to abrasion, as damp areas and crevices are ideal for the proliferation of germs.

Easy Cleaning

This goes hand in hand with hygiene. To keep a hospital hygienic, the flooring needs to be easy to clean. Furthermore, as important as they are, you also don’t want to have cleaning staff in the way at all times, especially in high traffic and emergency areas.

Another factor to keep in mind is that the flooring should be able to withstand the type of cleaning material that is required for hospital environments.


With a lot of foot traffic, distracted people, possible spillages and people rushing from one spot to another, it is absolutely vital that the floor is not slippery. The last thing you want is to add to your patient count due to unnecessary injuries happening on site. This applies to your staff, your patients, as well as your visitors. In addition to looking after their well-being as you are tasked to do, you also don’t want to end up with a legal nightmare or avoidable costs related to onsite injuries.


Redoing hospital flooring is a huge and disruptive project that is required at times, but which you don’t want to repeat unnecessarily. As a public service space, you know that the floor will have to withstand a significant amount of traffic and impact. The floor choice should be durable enough to withstand this wear and tear. In addition to maintaining its integrity, it should also retain its visual appeal. Patients feel much more at ease in a space that looks professional than in a deteriorating environment that looks shabby and dirty.

Noise Reduction

With numerous people rushing up and down at all times of the day and night in a hospital, it is important to consider flooring that reduces the resulting noise. While some noise is unavoidable, you do want to try and manage the noise levels for the sake of both your staff and your patients. Nobody enjoys working in a loud environment, especially when focus is so important. Also, no person who isn’t feeling well or is dealing with grief wants to be bombarded by an assault on the ears.

Now, with so many different areas in a hospital – from hallways to theatres to waiting rooms – one can hardly expect one type of flooring to meet every single requirement. Talk to one of our experts in our commercial division at Top Carpets and Floors to help you find the options that are best suited to your needs.

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