How to Decorate Your Home with Great Shaggy Rugs from Top Carpets & Floors

Does it feel like your home’s décor is lacking excitement? What’s the solution? Add an area rug! It’s as simple as that! Of course, that’s not the only reason why rugs are such a popular and valuable home décor feature. There are many things that a rug can do for a room.

It can add warmth and comfort, as well as provide welcome accents for your room’s theme or colour scheme, and even anchor the room by providing a worthy focal point. At Top Carpets & Floors, we offer a wide range of rugs to choose from, with shaggy rugs being one of our most popular selections.

Shaggy rugs are versatile rugs. You will find these rugs to be natural and hypoallergenic, which is great for those who suffer from asthma and allergies. They are also quite hardy, which makes the ideal area rug for high traffic areas. While they are durable, they are also comfortable underfoot because of their soft pile, and as a result, they have earned their place in many homes.

Many people spend some time browsing through showrooms and home décor magazines to gather some ideas on how to decorate the home using area rugs. Our consultants are also often asked for décor tips and advice when it comes to using rugs. Below we have included just a few ways in which you can use shaggy rugs and other area rugs to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Define Areas of the Home

If you have a large room or an open-plan space, you can define certain areas or create separate areas by strategically placing your shaggy rug or area rug. This works particularly well in dining areas, entrance halls and large lounge and dining room combinations and so on, where you want to create the feeling of separate areas.

Add Interest and Variety

If you need more than one rug to cover your floor space, and would like some interest and variety added to the room, avoid choosing rugs of the same size and shape. Mix it up a little by buying two area rugs of different sizes, shapes and colours. This will break up the feeling of “too much” uniformity, and will give the room a more relaxed and intriguing appeal. You will find that area rugs come in a variety of textures, which means that it’s not just size and shape that you can play with.

Bring Some Harmony or Excitement into the Room

If you have a busy cluttered room, you can bring a bit of harmony to it by choosing plain coloured, non-patterned area rugs. Pairing a busy carpet with a busy room will create a feeling of chaos, so try to avoid this. Much the same – you can really spruce up and add excitement to a minimalistic room by choosing a shaggy carpet that has interesting patterns or bold colours.

Create an Artistic Focal Piece

Who says that area rugs are only for floors? Area rugs make fantastic interesting wall pieces too. Find an interesting area rug featuring a great pattern or colour and display it for all to see. This is actually quite a popular home décor trend, and will certainly add interest and appeal to your home.

At Top Carpets & Floors, we specialise in flooring solutions that work for every home. In addition to our laminate flooring, carpeting, tiles, shutters, blinds and artificial grass, we also supply the market with a wide selection of top-quality area rugs to choose from.

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