Winter Is Here: Keep Warm with the Right Floors

June 21, 2019

Winters in South Africa are sometimes just as brutal as the sweltering summers. Most of us know what it feels like when you just can’t seem to shake the chill, no matter how many layers you are wearing. Home heating through heaters and air conditioners not only dry the air out (which can be harmful to your hair, eyes and skin), but also cost a lot when used often. While you can’t cover your walls in thick padding or spend your entire day covered with blankets, you can look into warmer flooring options for your home or business.

Whether or not you know it, your floors really do make a difference when it comes to how warm your home is. While stone tiles are a favourite during the hot months, they can make your life an icy nightmare from the end of May to August. Finding warmer flooring options will save on heating costs and make this year’s winter bearable.

Cosy Carpets

Much of the heat loss happens because of uninsulated floors. Carpets, as it turns out, are low heat conductors, which means that they insulate a room rather well. Not only does wall-to-wall carpeting trap heat in a room, but it also feels more comfortable underfoot. As far as warmer flooring options go, one cannot go wrong when installing a cosy, luxurious carpet.


While stone floors are cold to the touch, laminate flooring options are neutral and can easily adapt to the room’s ambient heat. Some areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, experience a lot of moisture and carpeting cannot be used – laminates are ideal for these rooms as they are quite moisture resistant.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Along with the water- and stain-resistant properties that laminate floors offer, luxury vinyl planks and tiles offer a lot of insulation to a room and are certainly not as hard underfoot as hardwood and tiles. Luxury vinyl planks also work well when installed above radiant underfloor heating – which means you can have a warmer room without losing that authentic wood or tile feel.

Dynamic Rugs

The beauty of rugs is that you can still keep the floor beneath you warm without installing wall-to-wall carpeting. Rugs and mats have the incredible ability to add something of your personal style to a room. If you are looking for warmer flooring options but cannot afford to redo an entire area, then rugs are a simple and elegant solution.

Our Winter is Coming Sale

Every year at Top Carpets and Floors, customers ask us about warmer flooring options for their home, and it is for this reason that we have decided to set up a sale to help beat those winter blues. To find out more about our promotions, simply request a quote on our Luxury Wool Berber II floors, Swiss Floors, or our Showtime LVTs.

For more information on our running deals and which warmer flooring options will work best for you, contact us at Top Carpets and Floors or visit your nearest branch.

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