Vinyl Sweeps the Floor as Trendiest of Them All

Installing new flooring is exciting, but many people find the decision-making process to be the hardest part – which colour, which product, which room, which supplier? Yes, like the good old vinyl long-playing music records in their day, there is a massive choice of flooring out there. In fact, today’s vinyl sheeting is just about the trendiest flooring you can get. Ask any designer.

Talk about a trendsetter. Vinyl sheeting floors, in case you are not aware, are hot, hot, hot. Take our word for it. There have been so many exciting innovations in vinyl sheeting and these have kept it current, with its popularity that just keeps trending, right across the world. Taking the first step to new flooring is a bit like deciding to chuck out those old vinyl records and replacing them with music apps to conveniently buy music online, which you play off your mobile whenever you want. What we are saying is that you should not make an outdated choice when it comes to flooring.

Vinyl sheeting will impress from the get-go. Not only will you enjoy the luxury and beauty of expensive hardwood floors when you opt for vinyl flooring, but also at a fraction of the cost. Throw in attractive, hygienic, and easy-to-clean, and you have just some of the reasons why vinyl sheeting is a favourite among designers and developers who want to give their projects an aesthetic edge.

What makes it very on-point in the flooring world at the moment is that vinyl sheeting is available in an astonishing variety of patterns and styles. Homeowners and corporations love hardwood, but why break the bank with this prohibitively expensive option when vinyl sheeting can give you the look of traditional hardwoods, tile, marble, concrete, brick, and much more, but for so much less? This master-of-disguise characteristic of vinyl sheeting is a winner time and time again.

One factor people are often concerned about when undertaking a floor renovation is the time it is going to take. Many conjure up images in their minds of making breakfast in the study for three months before being able to, hopefully, enjoy their new kitchen floor. We are pleased to report that those days are gone. Installing vinyl sheeting is stress-free and quick – with the help of professionals.

There are several reasons you should not undertake your vinyl sheeting installation without the help of an expert, and DIY regret is only one of them; you may end up living in another room for far longer than you bargained for. In fact, did you know installation of a vinyl sheeting floor is possible without having to prepare the floor’s surface and that the installation of sub-floor layers will dampen the sound of footsteps?

Imagine a floor that can give you the warmth of carpeting, the hygienic characteristics of laminate flooring, and the luxurious elegance of tiles, and your dream floor would be vinyl sheeting.

Pay us a visit at Top Carpets & Floors. We have the know-how to show you the vinyl sheeting that will perfectly suit your needs.

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