6 Shopping Tips from the Experts

Homes and businesses located at South Africa’s coast have unique requirements when it comes to flooring. If you live in Umhlanga, for example, a little more care and consideration have to go into planning home renovations, and into the choice of the products your purchase, than would be necessary if you lived in Johannesburg.

In areas like Umhlanga along KZN’s coast, moisture is always a factor and that lovely sea breeze can often be detrimental to floors and buildings in general. While we are not saying that living in Umhlanga or any other coastal town is a drawback when it comes to renovating your floors, we urge you to be wise about the type of flooring you select in these places.

Top Carpets & Floors has assisted many coastal customers find the right flooring to suit their needs – flooring that will remain beautiful and smart-looking for years to come. If you happen to live in Umhlanga or any other town with a particularly humid climate, here are 6 floor-shopping tips from the experts at Top Carpets & Floors:

  1. Heat, cold, humidity, and dry air affect floors. But, flooring solutions have evolved a lot over the years, and manufacturers are continuing to astound us with new product ranges each year. If you are renovating your Umhlanga home or holiday cottage, ask the professionals to show you samples of flooring that is resistant to harsh climatic conditions.
  2. Flooring, such as laminate and luxury vinyl tile is pleasantly cool under foot, which is a bonus in humid areas, such as Umhlanga. Being at the coast is about kicking off your shoes, so take a look at these types of flooring if you want pure luxury, every barefoot step of the way.
  3. Laminate flooring, for example, is water-resistant, and this is just one of the reasons it remains a very popular flooring choice. This type of flooring also provides wonderful peace of mind because, in the event of a home disaster, like your geyser bursting, you will not have the headache of having to replace the floor. And, laminate does not mind wet feet coming in from the swimming pool or beach…what a bonus!
  4. Did you know that carpeting remains the most popular floor covering around the world? Carpeting is still practical and economical, and nothing beats the feeling of a new carpet under your bare feet. Of course, stain-resistant carpets stay beautiful a lot longer. Just be sure about where you want to install the carpet and ask the experts for their advice, because not all rooms are suitable for carpeting.
  5. You want a durable flooring solution in high-traffic areas and can perhaps be more playful and creative in areas that experience lower volumes, like bedrooms and the children’s playroom. Remember rugs (which you can buy from Top Carpets & Floors in Umhlanga or at our online store) are a great way to add a “Wow!” factor to any room.
  6. Do not compromise on quality. Your new floor must be functional, beautiful, and easy to maintain for years of welcoming holidaymakers walking through your home’s front door.

Continue to love living at the coast with beautiful, practical floors from Top Carpets & Floors. Pop into our Umhlanga branch today.

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