Think Before You Shop for Flooring

July 24, 2017

Modern floors. What picture do these two words conjure up in your mind? Modern means relating to the present, or recent times, as opposed to the past, so are you thinking “out there”, “different”, “trendy”, and “perhaps not for me”?

Some people like “the remote past” and love being surrounded by décor and design that nurtures this side of them. Relax, there is no need to shut the book on wanting to spruce up your floors because you are afraid “everything is just too modern”. When it comes to flooring right now in 2017 – and certainly, according to the experts, well into 2018 – nothing is impossible.

So, it’s time for a floor-over? Think before you shop.

Make a statement!

This does not mean shock your friends to the extent that you won’t see them again. Nobody wants to be a wallflower in 2017 – including your floor. The possibilities are endless – from laminates to luxury vinyl tiles, wooden flooring, and carpets – and with the right help, you can easily transform your living or workspace with modern flooring that suits your every taste and need.

Love laminates

Most laminate suppliers are using sustainable processes and laminate flooring can also be installed without chemicals, so you can tick the Be Kind to Mother Earth box if this is your modern floor of choice. It is a flooring option that does a brilliant job of replicating the aesthetics of traditional hardwood and is versatile enough to add that much-loved rustic flair or, if you prefer a smooth, sleek modern subtlety.

Probably the best reason to love this flooring is its toughness (and we mean tough – from high heels to scratches and even spills are no sweat for this floor). This is thanks to laminate’s strong vinyl protection layer that guards the wood underneath. What we also love is that laminate is a chameleon, so it is available in a variety of “woods” and, of course, plank and width options. It is just a beautiful and warm modern floor.

Lap up luxury

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring will have you fooled. Take a look at some samples and you’d never have guessed they were not wood! Most people are “floored”, to say the least, at the strides that have been made in LVT in the past few years. You can choose any hardwood look and feel that you can think of and have it in a smooth finish or that gorgeous hand-scraped texture. LVT makes a great DIY project too, because it is so easy to install. One, two, three, modern floor!

Why woodn’t you?

The warmth, beauty, and durability of wood make it one of the most popular flooring materials. Wood can add a special feeling of quality, permanence, and live-ability to any room and it will last a lifetime, if it is properly installed and maintained.


People still love the cosy comfort of a carpet. Current trends reveal it really is the humble carpet’s time to shine. You will be amazed at the new stately looks and environmentally friendly options.

For more information about the various types of flooring, feel free to visit your nearest Top Carpets & Floors branch today.

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