Versatile Flooring Solutions for Pet Owners in the Eastern Cape

April 12, 2016

Of all the possible flooring solutions that are available today, it is likely that the only two options that can be guaranteed to withstand even the most extensive collection of ill-disciplined pets are poured concrete, which can be stained and polished to create almost any effect that may be desired, or a stunningly beautiful and fabulously expensive Terrazzo surface. These, however, tend to be products that are restricted to industrial and high-end commercial use respectively, while homeowners will normally be required to settle for one of the more common and less costly alternatives. There is no need for alarm, however, as there are several options for pet owners living in Jeffrey’s Bay.

Cushioned vinyl is among the flooring solutions that works particularly well in homes with pets and it is far more durable than the wooden floors still popular in many Eastern Cape homes, for instance. While sharp claws can make short work of genuine timber planks, they are unable to make any impression on these tough and attractive surfaces. As well as being both warm and highly durable as, in practice, any pet-friendly surface needs to be, it is also resistant to moisture and thus great for high rainfall areas.

Furthermore, vinyl sheeting also acts as an efficient insulator of sounds and this means that, unlike all of the harder flooring solutions, this more resilient type of surface can actually serve to muffle the clicking sounds of nails and claws that could otherwise prove to be something of an irritant after a while. The wide variety of colours and designs is yet another good reason for this choice.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something a little more formal and find the clicking to be endearing rather than annoying, then a laminated floor could also work. Surprisingly perhaps, these surfaces are not quite as durable as vinyl, but a quality product with a good guarantee will certainly last far longer than a timber flooring solution.

Eastern Cape cities and towns such as Jeffrey’s Bay experience plenty of sunshine and homes are generally dry, favouring the use of carpets for a soft, warm surface. Pet owners should avoid shag piles and looped products, however, as these are prone to become entangled with their claws and thus result in injury to your pet, damage to your carpet or both. A more practical choice would be carpet tiles. Used to surface an entire room or in high traffic areas like a corridor, if a carpet tile becomes soiled, it can be easily removed and washed by hand or machine or simply replaced if badly damaged.

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