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Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom

Why Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom Renovations is Both a Practical and Stylish Choice

Vinyl flooring for bathroom renovations is a versatile option that marries beauty, function, and upmarket style – and our range is perfect for these aspects. For a long time, the roost has been ruled by tile in bathrooms, but they’re a long-term commitment, expensive and difficult to fix once cracked. Vinyl flooring for bathroom environments has emerged as a market competitor for all its benefits and affordability, and for those wondering how it looks, it is quickly climbing the ranks as one of the most stunning options. Here, we take a look at what your choices are when it comes to bathroom flooring options like vinyl, the benefits of this product, and how to try out various styles within your own home.

Common Types of Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom Settings

There are various types of vinyl flooring products, and we at Top Carpets and Floors sell a comprehensive range of several of these options. They include:

  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT): Luxury vinyl tiles add elegance to any room as they mimic the appearance of natural materials like wood and stone or ceramic tiles. LVTs are a wise choice for those who want the aesthetic appeal of solid wooden planks without the maintenance, price tag, and susceptibility to water damage. They are designed to withstand moisture and high traffic, making them an excellent fit for busy bathrooms.
  • Vinyl Sheeting: Vinyl sheeting is a flawless and water-resistant flooring option for bathrooms because there are fewer seams, which reduces the risk of moisture infiltration. Protecting the substrate from moisture within a bathroom is essential, and a seamless option provides this protection. The continuous surface enhances the room’s appeal and makes cleaning very easy, as no dust or debris gets stuck in any crevices.
  • Vinyl Tiles: Vinyl tiles are the answer for those seeking a budget-friendly option that offers durability and a great underfoot feel. Though less famous than LVTs, vinyl tiles still have their place in the market.
  • (SPC) Rigid Board: Stone plastic composite vinyl is engineered to offer outstanding durability and stability. Compared to other vinyl options, it is most impervious to water damage, making it the superior choice for bathroom flooring. Its rigid core construction adds an extra layer of sturdiness, ensuring your installation stands the test of time and looks great.

vinyl flooring in bathroom

How Vinyl Flooring Ticks All the Boxes

Regarding bathroom flooring, practicality is of the utmost importance, and vinyl flooring has several benefits, offering water resistance, relatively low maintenance demands, and exceptional durability. It also provides an ultra-comfortable underfoot feel that is highly appreciated in spaces where you might be barefoot frequently – like bathrooms.

A Wide Array of Flooring Options to Suit Your Style

Several gorgeous options are ideal for your bathroom, and while it may be tricky to find the right style, we at Top Carpets and Floors make your search so much easier. Our Room Visualiser tool allows you to try out various styles simply by uploading a picture of your bathroom and selecting the flooring options you like most.

If you wish to know more about our range of options best suited to high-moisture environments, such as vinyl flooring for bathroom renovations, talk to the Top Carpets and Floors team today.

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