Artificial Grass

Understanding Artificial Grass Costs

Artificial grass is popular in residential and commercial properties around the world. It’s one of the quickest ways to boost the value of your home and reduce the need for costly garden upkeep and monthly maintenance expenditure. When considering artificial grass costs, homeowners need to assess the long-term cost benefits. While initial purchase and installation are certainly an investment, the long-term savings and benefits outweigh the initial amount.

Artificial Grass Costs Lead to Long-Term Savings

Artificial grass can save homeowners a great deal of stress and money. Although you’ll need to invest initially, over time, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings. When you purchase a synthetic lawn, you cut these costs:

  • Garden service: Artificial grass is a low-maintenance solution. After installation, you can leave your lawn alone and enjoy the year-round lush greenery it will provide. This reduces the need to hire garden services to mow and maintain your lawn and significantly lessens monthly expenses.
  • Lawn fertiliser: Lush natural lawns take much work to remain evergreen, meaning that homeowners will likely have to spend a lot of money regularly on expensive fertilisers. Happily, when you opt for artificial grass, this becomes a thing of the past. With synthetic turf, homeowners can enjoy all the perks of natural-looking grass without the price tag and upkeep.
  • Pesticides: When you invest in fake grass, you can say goodbye to pesticides. Unfortunately, natural lawns can fall prey to pests (in the form of insects and weeds) and, over time, they can do much damage. Many homeowners with natural grass have to resort to using pesticides regularly to deter critters and prevent weeds from sprouting. Not only does this add up financially, but it also poses various health threats to people and animals. As an added nuisance, many pesticide treatments stipulate that the lawn should not be touched for 24 hours after application, meaning that you can’t spend time in your garden after it’s been applied.
  • Water bills: Undoubtedly, an artificial grass installation’s biggest perk is that it doesn’t need water to look luxuriant and green. This product significantly reduces water bills and prevents any water usage fines in the event of droughts. Since synthetic turf doesn’t need water to remain green, you can significantly cut water costs while enjoying a lush and verdant landscape.

These are just the cost-saving benefits of artificial grass but there are many more advantages to this solution. It’s super easy to maintain. In fact, there is hardly any maintenance involved at all, aside from a quick sweep every once in a while. This means that your garden will always look top-class without input or effort. If you travel often or are too busy to maintain a natural garden, this makes things ten times easier, all the while reducing concerns about your space’s upkeep.

Artificial Grass

Understanding Artificial Grass Cost

When it comes to installing artificial grass, homeowners need to consider a few initial costs. The grass is priced per square metre, and thus the price of synthetic grass will differ depending on the size of your property. If you’re choosing professional installation (which is always advisable), you will need to factor in installation costs too. Here at Top Carpets and Floors, we supply three different varieties, each at a different price point. While advertised prices are for metropolitan areas only and surcharges may apply to outlying areas, the details below should give you a brief overview of artificial grass costs.

  1. Designer Grass: This mid-range artificial grass solution is available in various sizes and costs between R129 and R519 per square metre. It’s available in several colours and varying pile heights depending on your particular aesthetic. Different options come with different guarantees, and as such, clients should check the warranty period for each product individually.
  1. Likelawn: Likelawn, true to its name, is the most natural-looking choice. It’s available in several hues and pile heights at a price of R205 to R400 per square metre.
  1. Artificial Grass Collection: This collection is super easy to maintain and available in a wide range of colours. For exact colour references, customers can refer to sample swatches. Depending on the particular product, this artificial grass range is available for R225 to R720 per square metre.

If you are ready to enjoy the zero-hassle charm of artificial grass, why not check out our cost estimator tool? This will give you an estimation of the artificial grass cost for the area in which you would have it installed.

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Why Choose Top Carpets and Floors?

We are a locally owned business with extensive experience in the flooring world. With 34 years of service to our name, we’ve been supplying South African homeowners with quality flooring solutions for close to four decades. When you work with us, premium products and 5-star service are guaranteed. Each year we install around 100 000 floors, meaning that we’ve reached expert status in the flooring field. All our installations are also guaranteed. So, customers can enjoy enhanced peace of mind when they work with us. For more information on our various flooring options or to inquire about artificial grass costs for your particular space, send us a message, and we will happily get back to you. If you are ready to invest in your home and garden, we are always prepared to assist.

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