With Artificial Grass You Can Create an Instant Garden Anywhere!

Artificial grass was once to be found only in sports arenas and perhaps at expos where it was required to provide the illusion of an outdoor environment. It first made its appearance in the ‘60s when a Monsanto product named AstroTurf was used to surface the now world-famous ‘Astrodome’ in Houston, Texas. Beginning in the ‘90s this synthetic greenery has continued to gain popularity with homeowners who have welcomed it as a low maintenance alternative to the time-consuming mowing, fertilizing and aerating that is required to keep a natural lawn in good health and looking its best.

Perhaps the biggest single advantage of artificial grass is that it can, quite literally, be used to create an instant garden absolutely anywhere. Though apartment and townhouse living has certain advantages, this often comes at the expense of minimal outdoor living space and a balcony or small patio area may be all that is available when seeking a breath of fresh air.

Of course, it is quite possible to transform a tiled or concrete surface into something more appealing with the aid of a few decorative pots and a selection of colourful plants but this is still a poor substitute for a real garden. In almost no time at all and with a few square metres of artificial grass, that transformation can be completed.

In practice, the ability of this versatile product to create an instant garden environment is not limited to outdoor use. For lovers of indoor plants, combining them with a combination of synthetic turf, colourful stones and an indoor water feature is a simple and inexpensive means to create a stunning feature that will generate an air of tranquillity.

Aesthetic qualities aside, the product also offers some highly practical benefits. Should you choose it as a substitute for a natural outdoor lawn, for instance, you need have no fears about your pets soiling it. Urine will drain readily into the soil below your artificial grass, while solid waste is easily removed leaving no stains or odours. Furthermore, your fake lawn will remain green throughout the dry winter months experienced in much of South Africa, including the Free State and Northern Cape, without the need to run up a crippling water bill.

Many Top Carpets and Floors branches now stock synthetic lawn products and offer a choice of either Duraturf or Easi Grass. Renowned for their durability and good looks, both products are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing without a very close examination although Duraturf is also available in some rather unnatural colours including red, white and blue. One of 120 specialised flooring retailers, the Bloemfontein branch now stocks artificial grass.

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