Types of Rugs You Can Get at Top Carpets and Floors

June 26, 2023

Explore the Different Rug Styles Offered by Top Carpets and Floors

When a space feels empty or scattered, the best thing one can do to ground the room is to add an area rug – and our selection of rug styles never disappoints. At Top Carpets and Floors, we aim to stay on top of international and local trends and hand-select a range of stunning products to bring our customers the best brands. Our range of loose area rugs is no different, and our goal is to provide our discerning clients with stylish, trendy options made from high-quality materials that complement their personal taste in furnishings. If you want to know more about our beautiful range, this article explores some of the rug styles in our collection and the benefits of introducing an area rug to your home.

Different Rug Styles – Same Fantastic Benefits

Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, rugs are smaller, and their portability means they can be moved around as needed. If you tire of a specific rug, you can roll it up and store it for a few seasons or simply move it to another room. This versatility is not the only reason why rugs are so loved by homeowners, because there are other benefits too, such as:

  • Certain high-traffic areas in the home are more prone to damage over time, and area rugs protect these spaces. If you have a walkway that receives a lot of back and forth from the members of your household, a rug will help to prevent scuffs, scratches, and impacts.
  • The sound-dampening effect of rugs means that a room is not as noisy. If you find a space where sound tends to bounce off the walls or where the floor echoes throughout the house when you walk, a rug may be the remedy.
  • Sometimes defining spaces in a large room is helpful, and rugs visually section off areas to add more order and interest.
  • Rugs add warmth to a room, both aesthetically and in terms of temperature, because they have insulation properties. This means they make a space look and feel cosier and more inviting. Their plush feel also adds underfoot comfort.
  • Rooms without rugs and neutral floors can seem like the furniture is suspended or floating aimlessly. Area rugs ground the focal point and anchor all the elements in the room to create a cohesive and well-arranged look.
  • Floors with hard surfaces tend to have a faster, more clinical “flow” to them, while rugs make a room intuitively seem more relaxed.

Persian-inspired Rugs

Persian tapestries and rugs are known for their exquisite and rare beauty. Unfortunately, they usually have a price tag to match due to the materials and techniques used in making them. Our range offers Persian-inspired rugs that still boasts exceptional style at a fraction of the price, such as our Jewel Persian-Inspired Mashad or the Tibetan Persia-Inspired Floral designs for that old-world look.

Vintage Styles for Timeless Appeal

If you are seeking rug styles that add nostalgia and character, our rustic, vintage designs are perfect. Featuring artificially aged and faded patterns and shades, vintage rugs like our Solitaire Vintage Intricate rug are ideal for adding some history to a space – whether your décor is contemporary or traditional. It creates the feel of a home that is loved and lived in and has many stories to tell.

Abstract Designs that Catch the Eye

Abstract rug styles are ideal for modern spaces looking for something bold without symmetry and too much order. They offer a splash of the creative, allowing for depth, texture, and visual interest in contemporary interiors that sometimes look flat. In our collection, the Fotakis Valencia range, such as the Multi design, is a work of art itself that adds tons of personality.

designer rugs

Bold Contrasts and Geometric Patterns

If you prefer something more organised, why not make a statement with a bold geometric pattern on your floors? These designs add energy and movement and catch one’s attention almost instantly. They elevate dull and underwhelming spaces, and our range has several options, such as the Mbinga Grey by Monn with stunning contrasting tones and superior slip and stain resistance.

Round Rugs that Create a Softer Look

Rooms rely on angular shapes like rectangles, which are sometimes hard on the eyes. Adding a round rug like the Flatweave options in our collection softens some hard edges and adds a more organic feel. They also highlight other curved objects in the room, like coffee tables. One trick many designers use is to layer a smaller, round rug over a large rectangular rug for added texture and visual appeal.

Outdoor Options for Weatherproof Style

Just because you have an outdoor space like a patio doesn’t mean you can’t add a stylish rug. We offer outdoor rugs that can be used as indoor rugs but provide outstanding resistance to fading in the harsh African sun. Our Precision design by Belgotex is one such option which also resists absorbing water, is stainproof, and is easy to keep clean.

Whether you are seeking something neutral in a muted tone for a harmonious bedroom or a bright and vibrant product to really make your living room pop, we can help you find it. For more information, why not talk to us today?

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