Jewel Persian Inspired Mashad Design

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RUGS ORIGINAL | Printed 100% Polyester Rugs. Bright and elegant with their diamond-like central design, our Jewel range is one of our more flexible ranges that offers both chic and classical designs.

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Choose from bright, eclectic colors, or settle on a more Arabic look. Either way, this collection of breathtaking rugs will add grandeur to your space.

These indoor rugs are Easy to Clean, Machine Washable, and Non Shedding.

General Carpet Care Tips:

NEVER rub a carpet to try and clean it. This often results in more damage being done. Rather always dab.

Always use a white kitchen towel to conduct a color test. Take the white towel and run the towel from left to right. Look at your white towel, and if there is no color transfer, then continue with gentle cleaning. If the color transfer occurs, contact a professional to clean your carpet.

When cleaning your carpets, always remember to ensure that you clean in the direction of the carpet pile. Do not make circular movements, as this will lead to damage to the carpet.

Do not brush the fringes of your carpet.

When vacuuming your rug, do not use the brush attachment.

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Available in 8 Sizes:

60 x 115 | 120 x 170 | 160 x 220 | 190 x 290 | 240 x 340 | 80 x 150 | 80 x 300 | 80 x 400