Top Carpet Colour Trends

Top Carpet Colour Trends for 2020 and 2021

For a while there, carpets took a back seat to many other floor covers, but if people have learnt anything from 2020, it is that you never know what can change. For interior design, 2021 is about comfort and elegance as more and more people now work from home and can appreciate the lush underfoot sensation that elegant and luxury carpeting can provide.

The secret to making carpets work with the interior of your home is to think of the flooring as another wall. In this way, you can immediately appreciate the colour and texture options. Rather than treating the floor surface as an afterthought in interior design, people have come to appreciate the exceptional potential of styling rooms from the carpet upwards.

Imaginative thinking is back. With it comes a multitude of colour and texture options, whether you favour working with contrasting colours or are excited about the potential of complex patterns, the year 2021 is about expressing your personal design predilections.

Let’s get you inspired by three leading carpet colour and style trends in 2021.

1. Natural Beauty is Calling

The realisation that natural materials like wood and stone can be used to create a warm indoor ambience is making a comeback. Plush carpets in natural tones are perfectly suited to create luxury underfoot and the base from which to create a tranquil ambience. Neutral colours work well with natural accessories like green, leafy plants, coloured wooden sticks, and gigantic wall art depicting rainfall or autumn leaves falling. On the other end of the scale, you can choose carpet colours reminiscent of the outdoors, and then complement the flooring with a few terracotta pieces.

2. A Focus on Natural Also Means Sustainable Material Choices

What if you could go one step beyond just choosing carpets based on your colour theme? What if it is possible to choose one of the neutral or more natural colour carpets and benefit from installation that supports the focus on healthier living environments? Sustainable living trends are here to stay and choosing flooring that is both sublime and installed in a way that promotes healthy living ensures that your family gets superb comfort and improved indoor living options. Healthier living starts at home, and that’s why our healthy living installation system is the perfect start to an allergen-free home. Find out more about how the installation system helps to ensure a cleaner home environment.

3. Geometrics and Patterns in Carpets

Geometrics and textured patterns have become exceptionally trendy for interior design. Have a look at our Touch Design – Abstract, with its unique patterned design. This refined and exceptionally attractive carpet fits the modern home perfectly. If you love contemporary styling that leans to ultra-modern, then this carpet will fit your home’s furnishings. It is stainproof SDX and stainproof Eco SDX. Ranking amongst the high-end in luxury, it is a five-star choice by any standard. Choose from any of four colours, ranging from the more neutral to a dark grey and charcoal-coloured pattern.

Another option to consider in the patterned style range is the ever so elegant MONN Cello with its rhythmical pattern of textured loop-yarn, perfectly contrasted with velvety cut-pile. Inspired by the warmth and elegance of a cello, the carpet is the epitome of luxurious boldness and warmth. It is one of the commercial carpets deserving of a place in an executive office, the reception area of a spa, or even the study of a majestic home.

Find the Perfect Match

When it comes to colour trends for 2021, you can let your imaginative side take control of the decision making. From neutral and natural colours that remind one of a lodge from “Out of Africa”, to the boldness of an abstract styled carpet – the choice is yours. Use the Room Visualiser to see how the different colours work with your interior or visit one of our more than 130 stores across South Africa for up-close viewing of the carpets in person.

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