Laminated Wooden Flooring

December 30, 2020

Is Laminated Wooden Flooring the Best for You?

The right choice of floor surface goes a long way to increase the value of your property, improve the enjoyment of the space, and reduce the time you have to spend on maintaining it. The question we answer today is whether laminated wooden flooring is the best for your lifestyle needs. To answer the question, we look at some of the top advantages of laminated wooden flooring for your home.

Attractive Designs That Do More Than Mimic the Appearance and Feel of Hardwood Floors

Laminated wood flooring has the same aesthetic appeal as genuine hardwood floors. The appearance and feel are so similar that it is hardly possible to tell the difference unless you inspect the surface closely. With an exceptional range available, you are spoilt for choice regarding designs and colours. Regardless of the styling of your home, you will be able to find laminated wooden flooring to complement the interior and even form the central focus.

Strong, Lasting Beauty and Functionality

Don’t let the floor choice limit your living experience. Choose a type that matches your family needs by opting for laminated wood floors. Not only does it have a superb scratch and stain resistance profile, but it also features an excellent water resistance profile. Accidental water spillage doesn’t mean the end of the floor’s beauty and integrity. Cleaning the spillage as soon as possible is recommended, but a little moisture doesn’t lead to immediate and permanent damage. Considering the qualities mentioned, your kids and pets can enjoy living in the house without you having to constantly worry about scratches or stains from everyday activities.

Healthier Living Environment

As mentioned, the laminated wooden flooring doesn’t have fibres or spaces where dirt and grime can find a home. Pet hair, fur, dust, and related particles can be swept away to keep the surface clean. It is thus the ideal solution to reduce the risk of allergies in the home. If you make use of our products, you can also benefit from our Healthier Living Installation that includes anti-microbial treatment and protection of the sub-surface upon installation. This helps to eliminate odours and mitigates the risk of mould and allergen build-up.

Doesn’t Deplete the Budget

If you want to upgrade the interior of your home with selling in mind, rather than going with hardwood or a more expensive option, choose laminated wooden flooring. You get the same lustre as you would with hardwood, but at a fraction of the product and installation cost.

Installation doesn’t Take Weeks

Who wants installers in their house for weeks on end? That’s why it makes sense to choose laminated wooden flooring that can be installed within hours. In some instances, it can take longer, depending on the sub-surface. However, if the sub-surface allows, it is possible to install the laminated wooden flooring over the existing surface without having to remove the old floor cover. This translates into a faster and more affordable installation, helping you save money as well.

Keep Maintenance to a Minimum

Good hygiene is always important, but with laminated wooden flooring, this is easy to achieve. Maintenance is almost zero. With no spaces between the sheets for dirt to collect, it is a matter of simply sweeping to remove dirt. You can use a damp cloth for more stubborn dirt or to remove spillage marks, but the surface doesn’t require hard work like scrubbing, sealing, and re-sealing every few years. It can even be considered a water-wise solution as very little water is ever used for cleaning.

The Top Carpets and Floors Quality Guarantee

With over 32 years in the flooring business and well over 2 000 000 installations to our name, we give superb warranties and guarantees that you can trust. Place your quote request online or visit one of the 130 plus stores across South Africa for an in-store purchase of laminated wooden flooring to meet your lifestyle needs.

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