pet friendly flooring

Pet-friendly Flooring

How to Choose Pet-Friendly Flooring Ideal for Homes with Furry Friends

We adore our pets, but they present unique challenges regarding floors. Not to fret – our range of pet-friendly flooring is ideal for any four-pawed home. Every pet is different, and whether you need solutions for excess shedding, accidents, or muddy pawprints, we have a design just right for you.

Yes, It’s Possible to Have Fabulous Pet-Friendly Flooring!

For a long time, people assumed the only pet-friendly flooring available on the market was tiling, but with the expansion of new products and innovative technologies, homeowners are spoiled for choice. Now, there are countless pet-friendly options – even carpeting – and you can renovate your home without limitations.

Spaces Most Prone to Damage and Dirt

While accidents can happen anywhere, a few places in the home undergo more wear and tear from pets than others. Transition spaces such as entryways, hallways, or walkways often experience the most foot (and paw) traffic. The flooring leading inside your home from the outdoors is particularly susceptible to muddy paw prints tracked in, so be sure to select a moisture-resistant, stain-resistant option here.

pet friendly flooring

Your Biggest Considerations Depend on Your Pet

What makes flooring “pet-friendly” will look different for every household, but it helps to think about the kind of animals you have and what you most often want to change about your current floors:

  • Comfort: Just like us, most of our pets are creatures of comfort. Certain floors, such as tiles, can feel hard and cold, which may not be completely comfortable. Carpets or even luxury vinyl tiles offer a warmer underfoot feel and plenty of plush stepping.
  • Longevity: You want designs that last, so look for pet-friendly flooring for heavy residential settings or a higher AC rating on laminates that withstand wear and tear and provide scratch resistance against those claws or nails.
  • Waterproof Options: If you’re still housetraining your pets, or if they are prone to accidents, try to find options that resist moisture damage, such as luxury SPC rigid vinyl flooring.
  • Handling Stains: Look for flooring products that feature high-quality finishes or stain-resistance technology that makes cleaning up pet accidents or dirt tracked into the home a breeze.
  • Underfoot Traction: Floors like tiles are often smooth and slippery, which can be dangerous for your furry friends. Pets, especially dogs, need some traction to prevent falling and hurting themselves. Slip-resistant flooring also means your pet won’t be straining just to maintain balance while walking, which is better for their joints and posture in the long run.
  • Maintenance: You want floors that are easy to clean when removing stains, trapped fur, odours, dirt, and debris. Opt for designs that strike a balance between high performance and low maintenance.
  • Noise Absorption: If there are certain sounds your pets make that you want to dampen, the right flooring can help. For example, the click-clack of nails or barking is muted when carpeting or padded flooring is installed, preventing sound from bouncing around.
  • Household Allergies: As much as pet owners love their companions, many suffer from allergies. If you struggle with this issue, your best bet is to find pet-friendly flooring that does not harbour animal dander and friendly floors


The above list may seem like a tall order to fulfil, but you will find that with Top Carpets and Floors, you can access a stylish and trendy range without compromising function. Our selection makes it easy to find a variety of designs that make your home more beautiful, comfortable, and easier to maintain.

Going Neutral Versus Bold and Bright

The shade, pattern, and texture of your flooring will also play a significant role in your choice. For instance, white fur sticks out on black carpeting, so choosing wisely is crucial. On the one hand, neutral shades like browns and greys do camouflage pet hair and dirt – but you don’t want it hidden so well you can’t spot it and clean it. On the other hand, bright and bold prints and patterns may conceal scratches and stains better, so it’s best to explore your options before settling.

If you get stuck choosing between our world-class pet-friendly flooring designs, you can always use our Room Visualiser, which allows you to view our flooring styles in your home – and all it takes is uploading a picture of your room of choice. To talk to our team for more information, click here.

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