Modernise Your Pretoria Home with the Latest Carpet Trends

If you have lived in your Pretoria home for a long time you may be craving change. Have you already moved the furniture around or bought some new décor, but the room still looks boring and bland? If so, is it not maybe the flooring that needs a new lease on life?

Anyone looking for a quick way to modernise their Pretoria home should consider that new flooring is an easy way to spruce things up – and it does not have to cost a fortune. Take carpets, for example. With their long history and tradition, carpet remains the world’s bestselling floor covering. Plus, what could be more inviting than a carpet in your bedroom on a cold winter’s morning, or comfortable and homely when playing with your children on the living room floor?

These 6 carpet tips are the way to go about if you want to modernise your Pretoria home:

  1. Today, the trend is all about frieze (or twist pile) carpet. These are far more durable than the shaggy carpets of the 1990s, but still allow you to be creative and have fun with the design of the room. Rugs complement this type of carpet well and it is great for busy areas, like playrooms and living rooms.
  2. Pick a carpet that will flow with the other flooring you already have. If rooms flow into each other you can create a feeling of space and modern design.
  3. Pretoria has a beautiful climate year-round. If you want to maintain a cool interior in summer and cosiness in winter, your choice of carpet will need to match this expectation. A professional can help you choose a carpet which will lend itself to the climate beautifully, whatever the season.
  4. Neutral carpets are still very popular, but today offer more texture and patterns. Go for the dramatic with extreme differences in pile cut and thicker, deeper loop textures. Textured and patterned choices are more dirt friendly and allow the carpet to look its best for longer.
  5. Complement the floral or leaf pattern in your curtains or furniture with something similar in an applied or woven pattern. Your carpet should always fit in with what you already have in the room or you could end up replacing far more than just the flooring.
  6. Don’t forget about rugs. These are a top trend in carpets at the moment as designers and homeowners explore innovative ways to make rugs a focal point or functional element in a room. Rugs come in various shapes, round rugs being very popular as a statement piece. You can use rugs to overlay a carpet too, which is a fun way of expressing your personal style or giving a room a vibrant new feel.

Carpets bring warmth to any living space, so it is worth investing in a quality carpet so that you can get the most out of it.

For a wide range of choices, come and see what Top Carpets and Floors has in store for your new, modern Pretoria home.

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