Experience the Widest Range of Affordable, Quality Carpets in the Eastern Cape

April 12, 2016

Carpets may now be purchased from a variety of sources in the Eastern Cape. In addition to the dedicated flooring retailers, many supermarkets now carry a range and even some hardware stores. Given the tighter economic condition prevailing in South Africa today, consumers are naturally more concerned about the cost of purchasing them than was the case in the past. Traders have responded with discounts and bargain specials, while we have seen a growth in the number of stores that appear to be engaged permanently in a closing-down sale. While availing oneself of such opportunities may satisfy a short-term need to save money, it will almost always involve compromising on quality.

Quality carpets, even leading brands such as Constantia, Nouwens and Belgotex, can in fact be quite affordable. Purchasing superior products such as these will provide homeowners with the benefit of a hardwearing product that is guaranteed to give good service for many years. Such a product will generally be highly resistant to both staining and the fading caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight that commonly affects equally low-priced, yet far inferior products.

The Top Carpets and Floors network is the nation’s largest flooring retail chain and it is our sheer size that has given us the power to negotiate the most competitive price points with leading manufacturers. When you purchase luxury carpets by Constantia, Nouwens or Belgotex at one of our 120 branches located throughout the country, you too will benefit from the same unbeatable prices. Only when dealing with an approved Top Carpets and Floors retailer, can you be quite certain that you will have no need to sacrifice quality in order to enjoy substantial savings.

While even our pure woollen products are competitively priced, they require a little more care, without which, they may tend to be less durable than a synthetic fibre product or one combining both natural and synthetic fibres. The latter varieties are also less expensive and carpets containing synthetic fibres are well suited for use in areas where foot traffic is likely to be heaviest.

Top Carpets and Floors offers consumers the widest range of flooring solutions available from any dealer nationwide. Your local retailer has all of the specialised training, knowledge and experience needed to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Branches are to be found in all of the major cities and towns in the nine provinces from Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga and Gauteng to KZN, Free State and all three regions of the Cape.

In the Eastern Cape, at the Port Elizabeth branch, you can look forward to expert installation, excellent, often unique, guarantees, reliable after-sales service and even some friendly advice when choosing your carpets.

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