Are Kids, Pets and Carpets a Good Idea?

December 29, 2022

Modern carpets have come a long way in their performance and durability, and families with children and pets can now enjoy the comfort of carpeting too. This is great news – especially for those who have searched far and wide for flooring solutions that cater to their household needs. With endless suppliers, brands and designs available on the market today, how do parents and pet owners decide which option would work best for their home? Here, we look into the reasons why wall-to-wall carpeting is such a popular flooring solution, and how best to install it in homes with four-paw friends and little ones alike.

pets and carpets

The Benefits of Carpeting Throughout One’s Home

Carpeting has historically shown its ability to accommodate a variety of lifestyles, though this was often with considerable effort. Many of us still remember the roll-out, plastic carpet protectors used by our grandmothers in high-traffic areas of the home. These were used to keep certain areas stain-free during day-to-day use and were promptly rolled up again when any guests arrived. These days, carpets are significantly more durable, and consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the options they can purchase. Homeowners can choose something plusher and softer for bedrooms, and commercial-grade options designed for heavier wear and tear in areas like hallways. There are also several benefits of carpeting throughout the home, such as:

· In the bedroom: Carpets are always a fantastic addition to bedrooms – whether for master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, and children’s rooms. They feel marvellous underfoot, adding superior comfort to every step, which gives the room a more luxurious feel. Unlike harder flooring options such as solid wood planks or tile, carpeting has a certain “bounce” that absorbs the impact of footsteps, offering flexibility and cushioning that feels great. These elements add comfort and tranquillity to the atmosphere in a bedroom, making it the perfect place to relax and rest.

· In the living room or lounge: The lounge and living room are not only where the family gathers, but guests too. If you are considering impressing all who enter your home and want to express your sense of style and flair, this is the area of the home in which to do it. Adding a luxurious carpet here will create a sense of opulence and elegance, but it will also add a cosy feel. Carpets don’t just look warm and inviting – they are. They act as great insulators, so during those colder months having a carpet in your lounge while your family enjoys a movie and hot chocolate is ideal.

kids and carpets

· In walkways and on stairs: Some homeowners may avoid installing carpeting on their walkways and stairs as these areas experience more foot traffic and are, therefore, more susceptible to wear and tear. There are numerous qualities on the current market that offer heavy-duty performance while still featuring stylish designs. There are also a few benefits of adding carpets to walkways and stairs. First, carpeting is not as smooth or slippery as harder flooring options like hardwood. This reduces the chances of falling – and because they are soft and plush, any falls that may occur are met with a softer landing surface, reducing the chance of injury. Second, soft floor coverings like carpets absorb sound well. In homes with children and pets, loud footsteps and clicking nails are commonplace, and carpeting reduces these sounds.

Unfortunately, carpets do not fare well in high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms. The fibres and padding absorb water easily, which can lead to the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria as well as cause unpleasant odours in the home.

pets and carpets

Carpeting Considerations When It Comes to Pets

As much as we love our pets, they are not always the easiest to manage in terms of hygiene. Pets, like dogs and cats, who often revel in the great outdoors, are known to track dirt into the home and soil carpets. Superior brands manufactured from stain-resistant fibres are ideal for this – and you can expect long-lasting performance from your carpet as long as you clean any mess up quickly. Pet owners will be happy to know that carpets also feature benefits for their fur kids. Anti-slip properties mean that puppies and kittens, as well as elderly pets, have an easier time walking on the floors. It’s also much more comfortable on their joints and offers a warm spot for them to snooze.

Exploring Options for Homes with Children

When looking for carpeting in households with children, you will first need to consider how old your kids are. Older children tend to be more careful, but their playtime and indoor activities may cause more wear and tear on carpets. Babies and toddlers spend much more time on the floor, and accidents like spills and messes will also be more common. Seek stain-resistant, anti-allergy carpets that offer superior comfort and a long guarantee.

If you are seeking heavy-duty carpet designs to accommodate your household – kids, pets, and all – we at Top Carpets and Floors can assist you. To find out more about our range, contact us today.

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