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What Makes Luxury SPC Such an Excellent Flooring Choice?

If you are building or renovating and in the market for flooring, you should have heard about a product called luxury SPC. Its rise in popularity has been swift and spectacular. Considering the brilliant benefits it offers, this comes as no surprise. It is a highly durable, very versatile, and extremely stylish flooring choice that comes with an affordable price tag. What more could you ask for?

What Exactly is Luxury SPC Flooring?

When it comes to flooring, luxury SPC is the best thing since hardwood. Literally. It is the perfect alternative to actual hardwood floors – and even superior to it in a number of ways.

SPC is an abbreviation of “Stone Plastic Composite”. It is a luxury engineered vinyl flooring with an exceptionally durable core. Like other types of vinyl flooring, it’s completely moisture-resistant, but with more structural stability.

Typically, this product consists of the following layers:

  1. A wear layer: The top layer is made from a special transparent resin that ensures that the flooring is both scratch and stain resistant
  1. A vinyl layer: This thin layer of vinyl is waterproof, and it is in this layer that the pattern, texture, and texture of the floor will be found.
  1. The Stone Plastic Composite core: Typically, this core consists of a limestone powder combined with stabilisers. Together, these form a dimensionally stable and waterproof core.
  1. Attached underlay: For a luxury SPC product like “Inspirations by Nature” available at Top Carpets and Floors, the attached EVA acoustic underlay contributes to noise reduction and a more comfortable underfoot feel.

The Incredible Benefits of Luxury SPC

So, what makes this flooring solution so desirable? Is it the exceptional durability? Is it the affordable price? Is it the absolutely stunning wood look and range of designs and textures? The answer to all of these questions is “yes”. This versatile product ticks all of the boxes. Its top features include:


The fact that this flooring is water-resistant is one of its biggest selling points. This means you can use it for bathrooms, in kitchens and in other areas that are prone to spills or exposure to moisture without being concerned that the floor will be damaged or ruined.

Able to withstand temperature fluctuations

The stone core ensures that this flooring type is more stable when exposed to temperature fluctuations, including environments impacted by air-conditioning and sun-facing windows.

Stylish design

Wood floors are the hottest trend in floor design at the moment. However, genuine hardwood is exceptionally expensive, installation takes time, and it requires intensive maintenance to maintain its beautiful look. Luxury SPC, on the other hand, provides you with the natural beauty of wood at a fraction of the price and requires much less maintenance.

Extreme durability

These floors are made to last – and to look good throughout the entirety of its long lifetime. The scratch-resistant surface is ideal for high traffic areas and for families with kids and pets, while the stain-resistant finish ensures that accidents are easy to erase.


You shouldn’t have to fuss over a floor. Luxury SPC is so quick and easy to install, and it requires hardly any maintenance. Cleaning is as simple as sweeping any dust and dirt off the surface and running a mop over it every now and then.

Browse the Range

Top Carpets and Floors offer a great range of luxury SPC flooring options. Head over to our online store to look at what is available and use our nifty Room Visualizer to see what your favourites would look like in situ.

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