Carpet Installation

December 23, 2020

What Affects the Price of Carpet Installation?

Even if you have superb Do-It-Yourself skills, carpet installation is best left to the professionals. Many factors can affect the quality of the work, and mistakes can be exceptionally expensive. In addition, consider the warranties associated with the product and the installation. Doing it yourself or hiring a handyman team may at first seem like a way to save money, but unless they can provide the same quality workmanship and guarantees as the supplier, you will want the supplier to also be the installer.

Besides the product, let’s look at the factors that affect the price of carpet installation, providing some insight into the things an installer considers when working out the estimate:

Preparation of the Floor

The price is affected by the level of work needed to prepare the surface. Here, the overall condition of the surface is important. In some instances, the sub-floor must be replaced. If the existing floor cover is difficult to remove, then the price can increase as extensive preparation of the subfloor may be needed before the team can install the new carpet. If the sub-floor is uneven, then levelling will be needed.

Square Metres to Cover

The larger the area, the higher the price. Quotes thus work on the square metres to cover. The larger the area where the carpet is to be installed, the longer it takes to remove the old surface cover where relevant, clean the surface properly, level and repair it where relevant and treat it. This also implies more labour hours and equipment.

Stairs Can Be Tricky

As a matter of course, installing carpets on stairs is more complicated than doing so on a level surface. Precise measurement and exceptionally precise cutting are essential. The process also takes longer. You can thus expect to pay a higher price for the installation on stairways.

Rectangular, Square, Round or Oddly Shaped Room?

Measurement, cutting, and the installation of carpets in rectangular and square rooms are less complicated than they are in oddly shaped spaces. If the room has pillars and other structures around which the carpets must be installed, the more cutting is required, and this adds to the price of installation.

One Room or Several?

It is easier to install floor covering in one large room than in several rooms since measurement, cutting, floor preparation and final installation are less complicated. The price for installation for a single large room can thus be lower than for several rooms, which combined, make up the same square metres of the single room.

Padding Needed

The padding type affects the price as some types are more expensive than others. If the carpet is for a high traffic area, then you can expect to pay more for the padding. However, if you know the area carries high traffic, it simply doesn’t help to cut corners. The initial compromise on price can mean having to replace the floor cover in only a few years, instead of having it serve its purpose for several years.

Where Can You Find the Best Carpets, Installers and Prices?

With consideration of the factors that affect the quality and the price of installation, you will want experts who truly have the necessary expertise to carry out the job. This will help you to save money over the long-term as the project will be completed quicker and correctly – the first time round. We provide a two-year carpet installation guarantee.

View our range of flooring solutions online or visit one of our more than 130 stores across South Africa to benefit from our superb products, warranties and installation skills.

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