Carpeting for Your Living Space

September 21, 2023

Want to Step in Style? Here is How to Choose Cosy, Chic Carpeting for Your Living Space

Choosing new carpeting for one’s home takes careful consideration, and we at Top Carpets and Floors are here to help with your deliberation process. Carpeting has graced homes across the globe for centuries, standing as a popular choice for residences and businesses alike. It exudes opulence and a cosy atmosphere. With many options available, property owners are free to choose what suits them best, but how does one go about the process, and where does one begin? Below, we guide you through the key factors to remember when selecting products best suited to your lifestyle, taste, and practical needs.

Carpeting that Adds to Your Lifestyle

Before you explore the range of textures, prints, and shades available, it’s essential to examine your lifestyle and how the rooms in your home function. Each area within your home has unique needs, such as:

  • Performance: Durability and resilience are paramount if you need to install carpet within a high-traffic area like the living room, walkway, or hallway. Consider high-end carpets with shorter piles that are better at withstanding wear and tear.
  • Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Lounges: For bedrooms and areas where comfort is your main priority, opt for softer, plush textures. Carpeting with a longer pile creates a more luxurious feeling underfoot.
  • Homes with Pets and Children: Stain resistance and easy cleaning are crucial if your household includes playful children or four-pawed friends. Look for products manufactured with stain-resistant technology that does not compromise on appearance in the event of any spills or accidents.

You can talk to our Top Carpets and Floors team about choosing the right type of fibre, pile height, and texture best suited to the room you want to renovate.

carpets in bedroom

Choosing a Design that Amplifies Your Style

The shade and style of your carpet significantly shape the room’s overall aesthetic since the floor takes up so much space. If you are new to styling a room, there are a few common principles you can apply before you start experimenting. Neutral hues like brown, grey, beige, and cream offer a timeless and versatile backdrop that effortlessly complements various furniture styles and wall colours without hassle. If you’re seeking a statement room that makes more of an impact, consider carpeting in a bolder hue that infuses character into the space – but remember to harmonise it with the existing décor that you don’t plan on replacing soon. Patterned carpets introduce an eye-catching visual dimension to a room, but their selection requires careful consideration to prevent overwhelming the space. While taking home samples is helpful, we offer a Room Visualiser tool that allows homeowners to upload pictures of the rooms they wish to renovate. Once uploaded, our innovative technology overlays an image of our world-class designs, enabling you to envision what it would look like within your home.

Are you interested in top-tier carpeting solutions and their benefits? Contact us today to discuss your options and which designs would look and function best for the rooms in your home.


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