Constantia Carpets: 4 Things That Make a Quality Carpet

August 30, 2017

Carpets are a big investment. How well a carpet serves you depends on a variety of factors. Carpet quality comes down to what fibres the carpet is made of. Whether you are deciding on carpeting for a new home or want to give your floors in your current home a new lease on life, our advice is that there is no point in compromising on quality. As one of the leading suppliers of quality brands, such as Constantia Carpets, Top Carpets & Floors knows a thing or two about the hallmarks of a quality carpet.


The brand name you invest in with your choice of carpet does matter. Take Constantia Carpets, for example. The business was established in South Africa in 1948 and the name remains synonymous with quality craftsmanship. As a manufacturer, Constantia Carpets stays on trend and is also acclaimed for the strides it has made in the environmental arena. Manufacturing practices matter a lot to consumers today and responsible manufacturers, such as Constantia Carpets, believe in taking care of the environment throughout the carpet’s lifecycle. This is an important hallmark of a quality carpet.


Carpets are made from natural or synthetic fibres. Wool has long been recognised as the best natural fibre and it is often blended with synthetic fibres to enhance its performance. It is naturally flame and stain retardant, soft and warm, and maintains a new look for longer than carpets made of other fibres. Wool is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Due to the fibre’s construction, wool fibres hide dirt very well, which is great for high-traffic areas. Another good characteristic is the fibres’ resistance binding to dirt, which makes cleaning much easier. Bear in mind that wool carpets require more frequent cleaning than carpets made from synthetic fibres to remove embedded dirt. This dirt can damage the fibres, so to ensure your carpet maintains its look for longer, be mindful of regular cleaning – you won’t necessarily see the dirt, but cleaning needs to be frequent to protect the carpet.


Backing materials provide strength and stability to a carpet. It is wise to ensure backing materials also offer a moisture barrier to keep spills from seeping through and damaging the sub-floor or, worse still, creating an environment for mildew to flourish. We recommend moisture backings for carpeting in all areas, although some areas will have higher potential for spills to happen, such as the family room and TV lounge, for example.


The yarn count of a carpet directly influences its quality. The yarn count is the number of yarn needed to fill a given length of carpet. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn used in the construction of the carpet. Also, the number of yarn tufts in one row of one inch of carpet will vary with the quality of the carpet. Generally, the higher the number of stitches per inch, the higher the quality and durability of the carpet.

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* Top Carpets & Floors and our two subsidiary brands, Designer Blinds & Floors and FloorTrader, are proud to donate R10 per square metre of every room carpeted with Constantia Carpets to recipients of our social responsibility programme, We Care.

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