Carpets from Benoni Retail Outlet Offer Exceptional Value for Money

April 12, 2016

Carpets remain popular from Benoni to Bali and they have been in use by people in some parts of the world, in various forms, for over 1000 years. The modern carpet, of course, is a far cry from the earliest products which consisted of little more than a collection of reeds woven together to form a mat. These simple structures served more as a soft surface on which to sleep than as any kind of floor adornment.

Even the earliest knotted, woollen products appear to have been used by nomadic herdsmen to protect them during the cold nights, and not as we might employ carpets in Benoni homes and business premises today. It is also believed that the development of this new skill provided a more economical alternative to the practice of slaughtering valuable livestock for their hide.

The decorative and colourful creations that we are familiar with today appeared almost seven millennia later and were used mainly as wall hangings. They emerged first in the Middle East and spread rapidly to Persia, China, India, the Caucasus and Anatolia although the art of weaving these woollen mats was only adopted in Europe during the early 16th Century. Only during the last few centuries, however, has the use of carpets as floorcoverings become the norm.

Benoni residents, in common with all those living in South Africa, can now enjoy access to the widest selection of flooring solutions available from any retailer in the country. With more than 120 outlets nationwide, the Top Carpets and Floors network deals only with leading local and international manufacturers to ensure products of unsurpassed quality. Furthermore, as the nation’s largest retailer in this field, we have exceptional power when it comes to negotiating wholesale prices – a benefit that we pass directly to our retailers, giving them the competitive and assuring their customers the best possible return on their investment.

The assurance of quality and value are reason enough for Benoni residents to buy carpets from their local Top Carpets and Floors retailer in Kemston Avenue. However, it is a wise move for a number of other reasons. To begin with, like all our branches, this store is owned and managed by a local who is familiar with local conditions and how they are best handled. Clients can rely on sound professional advice from someone trained and experienced in all aspects of the flooring industry and able to perform your installation to perfection.

Should you remain unconvinced that this is your best option, consider our 10-day colour replacement and R1 Million installation guarantees before purchasing carpets from anywhere else in Benoni. For more information about our products, simply call our Benoni branch today.

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